back to article AMD trumpets next-gen GPU architecture

AMD has trumpeted its next-generation GPU architecture, painting the design as a radical departure that has one foot in the graphics world and the other in what AMD, Microsoft, ARM, and others dub "heterogeneous computing". Essentially, the new architecture is a parallel-processor, throughput engine that can serve both …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    I wonder..............................

    what alien technology they reverse engineered to come up with this?

    This is why I have always bought and continue to buy AMD, and the dirty games played by Intel......

  2. Steve Foster

    Obligatory Question...

    ...yeah, but will it run Crysis?

    1. thecakeis(not)alie

      Nothing runs crysis

      At least not at a consistantly playable framerate. The end sequence even on teh most powerful hardware of today still reveals how absolutely terrible that engine is.

      It's so bad you'd almost think it was made by DICE.

  3. Ian Yates

    So basically

    Your computer will be the Beowulf cluster. Cool

  4. YARR

    Off topic faffy language alert

    "so its sorta got SMT [simultaneous multi-threading] properties".

    I'm irked by reading superfluous faffy phraseology like "kinda", "sorta" etc. from CEOs / CTOs / CFOs and others who ought to set a leading example for others to aspire to. I'm not singling out anyone here, because this is a growing trend, particularly when quoting prominent people in the I.T. industry. We all make mistakes, but this habitual use of faffy language is unprofessional and not something we should adopt. Please stop it! </RANT>

    1. JC 2

      @ Off topic faffy language alert

      Though you kinda have a point, it's sorta silly to tell US that you want someone ELSE to use different language.

    2. Michael Dunn

      Lazy language

      I couldn't agree more! We lost so much when academic papers and reports stopped being delivered in Latin.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge

    "I want to create realities that you can't tell that you're not looking through a window"

    Nice. How about creating realities that I can't tell I'm in a computer game ?

    Such as trees that fall in front of a tank, or get blown to shreds by bombs, or torch and burn down if a flamethrower is pointed at them. Or walls that cannot resist a tank, not to mention packs of C4, and houses that get flattened by aerial bombardement.

    How about realistic craters from a bomb ? One that a soldier can hide in and shoot from ? And can we once and for all get rid of indestructible doors that only open once a certain condition has been realised, and ignores any attempt at brute force ?

    Making prettier environments is nice, but I'd wager Medal of Honor, Battlefield 2 and Gears of War have already demonstrated a very pretty world. Making environments more "realistic" does not mean just veined leaves on trees.

  6. Arctic fox

    Unfortunately one of this technology's primary uses will be........

    ...........holo-porn. Being able to watch group sex from all angles apparently being performed in the middle of your living room carpet will undoubtedly go gangbusters (or do I mean gangbangers?) in the marketplace.

    1. Ammaross Danan

      You laugh, but....

      Look at technology. What are the main two drivers? War and Sex. I would welcome holodecks, even if their primary driver was porn.

      1. Arctic fox

        @Ammaross Danan. Re "You laugh, but.....". Well yes, given the choice.......

        ..........I would far rather it was driven by the porno-deck than the gun-deck!

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