back to article iOS 5 closes Apple's infamous homescreen webapp gap

Apple's iOS 5 will close the speed gap between web apps run inside the company's Safari browser and those that run in "fullscreen mode" from the iOS home screen, according to a web post from a developer with early access to the operating system. With the current version of iOS, web applications saved to the iOS home screen and …


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  1. Toby 10
    Thumb Down


    Did anyone actually notice? Has anyone had a particularly rough three months whilst this hasn't been rolled out?

    1. Walt French

      What? Do You Have Something Better To Do…

      … than run SunSpider benchmarks all day long?

      Can you not imagine how many precious <b>whole milliseconds</b> the Register's devoted iPhone lovers have lost due to Apple's inaction?

      After all, lots of iOS users have trouble finding first-class apps to do things and depend on webpage fake-apps, unlike Windows, WebOS, BlackBerry, Playbook and Android users who ALL have huge native app libraries that run compiled code.

      Yet again, the Register has found a crucial distinction between Apple's support for customers and all the other smartphone vendors'. You ought to admire their writers' keen sense of priorities!

  2. Dropper


    Does that mean it will run them in a.. errr.. Flash?

  3. Tony Paulazzo


    iPad Safari sucks! Give me the option to change font size, or go full screen, or fix the reloading page when you click the back button (no gestures for touch screen Safari), before worrying about speeding up web pages by milli seconds.

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