back to article UK operators band together for NFC revenue

Vodafone, Telefonica UK and Everything Everywhere have banded together to create a clearing house for NFC applications, providing a single point of contact for cross network applications. The unnamed joint venture should launch before the end of the year, providing banks, merchants and advertisers with a single point of call …


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  1. Lamont Cranston

    This looks like the unwelcome reappearance

    of unsolicited marketing texts. Good job I'm with Three, then.

  2. JasonW

    I still don't get this....

    ... Right now I have a pocket that optionally contains cash, debit card(s), credit card(s), etc...

    I can manage my money (or debt) by choosing to pay with any one of them in any given circumstance.

    With NFC, presumably I get to only pay one way and everyone wants a piece of the transaction cost.

    Where's the "win" for me?

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Eh? Wtf?


    All the operators have been struggling to work out how to make money from NFC, given the number of players involved in processing electronic payments which are often expected to provide revenue.

    So it is a solution waiting for a question. Sorry Not interested. All this is an opportunity for more companies to track your spending. This means more adverts. BAD BAD BAD BAD.


    Grumpy old git.

  4. Chad H.

    So is this the birth of...


  5. Circadian


    Must be getting old - I remember when companies vied for your money by trying to offer better products. Now it seems that a large number of them only seem to be interested in trying to gouge a cut of any money you spend, and to make even more money selling the info on what you bought on to other companies.

    Fuck 'em all - kash is king still.

  6. Kay Burley ate my hamster


    So the three networks with 2G freq's are at it again eh?

  7. Da Weezil
    Big Brother

    Do Not Want.

    Don't want the "service"... nor do I want the spam eulogizing it.

    Had enough of o2 trying to flog me broadband even though they cant provide a decent service on market 1 exchanges. Shame they cant just get on with the core business of mobile telecommunications. I wont be signing up... they know enough about me already.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I do want NFC but thats cos

    I want to build some Apps using the ubiquity of a 13.56MHz always-on stack to launch other stuff.

    But for something useful to me, not banks, advertizing whathaveu

  9. Shanghai Tom

    NFC, Yawn..

    I live in China these days, they tried NFC Sims for the Expo. From what I heard the system fell down on day1. So, if you wanted lunch you had to go join a large queue to buy a credit card sized NFC, then after lunch you had to join another big queue to get a refund of the money that was left - why ? because you were only at the expo 1 day and NO-ONE would accept cash for lunch and the card only came in 1 denomination!

    I would also suggest the rate of phone loss / theft would make it impractical because the sim needs replacing, then 20 screens of authorisations to get the account transferred to a new sim card etc.

    If you lose your phone how are you going to call to get the NFC function blocked before someone buys 5,000 packs of cigarettes on your tab ?

    Also, I'm not sure it would work in my current phone, the sim is buried so deep underneath the battery it's probably an effective shield :)

    I have an "nfc" transport card, SPTCC, it works in Taxi's, Buses, Ferries and some trains. I can top it up in a metro station or a local supermarket (24*7). It's durable, solid and won't blast me with adverts every time I use it.

    That's the final straw with anything for me, if you keep pushing adverts in my face then yours is the first service I dump.

    Wise up guys, NFC could be nice, just keep the Ads out of it.

    Oh, by the way, don't tie me to one country, I travel, and when I travel I want to use my NFC to get a coffee anywhere that "nfc" is available, Thanks...

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