back to article Microsoft blesses elite brotherhood to service big customers

Microsoft has anointed a secret guild of Large Account Resellers to service its biggest licensing customers in the UK. Under a re-classification, all 18 UK LARS will be authorised to sell to global customers, termed by the vendor as major accounts. But only a select band will qualify for the incentive programme kicking off on …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    White Knight White Hats for All of your Deep Dark Problems .....

    "Privately Microsoft acknowledges the potential threat from software rivals, but reckons its direct sales force will step up to the plate; though some LARs question if the vendor's relationship with majors is sufficiently robust."

    All Microsoft need do in such Situations is Sponsor a Champion Knight Errant, with all of their Bells and Whistles available for blowing and exercising/Better Beta Programme Development ...... SMART Presentation to CyberIntelAIgent Nations.

    That would have Bill Gates and Co creating a whole new cyber control world with fab players in positions of influence for instant power transfers with virtual power increase.

    And yes that is CodedD for Messrs Gates and Co*, and betatests Microsoft's Global Operations and Future Aspirations.

    * Any smart inquisitive dude/interested moll with Time on their hands in Space, and ITChing to Play Ultimate Great Games in Live Operational Virtual Environments.

    Guaranteed a Totally Addictive XSSXXXXual Pleasure to Treasure ... and Nurture for more of the same Treasure to Pleasure, only better and more deeply engaging in what are truly the very best of times in Virtual Operations.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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