back to article MP demands government rethink on Digital Economy Act

A Liberal Democrat MP is demanding a repeal of the Digital Economy Act having tabled an early day motion in Parliament yesterday, which so far has gained nine signatures from across the political spectrum. Julian Huppert wants the UK government to debate the issue in the House of Commons. Signatories include Labour MPs Tom …


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  1. Tom Servo

    admirable MPs in Cambridge.

    no matter what you may think of the leadership of the lib dems, this guy and his predessesor in (my patch) Cambridge David Howarth are willing to go against the grain on issues such as this with some pretty well informed comments.

    David Howarth especially as shadow justice sec would routinely criticize the police for putting out false information and calling for criminal proceedings against them, rather than the usual 'our brave boys in blue are doing a bang up job and would never shoot innocents / twat unfortunate passers by with batons etc, and you should believe every word they say as an explanation'.

    If only the current crop of shadow ministers would think about questioning the institution rather than just the ruling party for political points scoring.

    see his grauniad columns such as this from 2 years ago

    A pint for politicians who actually understand the issues involved and want to enter a reasoned debate, no matter what party they are from.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Our Julian does have some odd views on cycling.

  2. FailKing


    Woo, an early day motion with nine signatures.

    This is pointless non news, early day motions rarely go anywhere.

    Wake me up when it's been agreed to have the debate, which will not happen any time soon.

    1. CD001


      Except the act was probably passed by only about 9 wankers in the first place - only a minority of the house bothered to vote on it at all; so if there's about the same turn out to repeal it, 9 votes is probably enough.

      Seriously, what do we pay these people for?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        I don't understand why it is that we don't make voting on bills compulsory - *EVERY* MP *MUST* vote on *ALL* Bills.

        They're meant to be our democratically-elected (hah!) representatives, and they get paid quite well for it, so the least we can do is actually ask them to pitch up, do their fucking jobs and actually represent us!

        AC, because I wanted the cool 'V' icon.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Do not feed the trolls

    "MP demands government rethink on Digital Economy Act"

    Shouldn't that be "think", not "rethink"?

  4. John Smith 19 Gold badge

    Britards time for a modest missive to your elected representative.

    Politely outline why this Act is a PoS rushed through in the dying *hours* of a parliament and sticking their signature on this EDM is a *very* good thing for UK PLC.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      ....UK plc is sick of leechers, freetards and giant US corporations skimming off the wealth.

      Polite enough for you?

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