back to article Chris Chant: We've cut central gov websites

The Cabinet Office's interim executive director for digital government says that progress has been made on rationalising Whitehall's websites. Only 300 to 400 central government websites remain as a result of a Cabinet Office drive to reduce their number, Chris Chant has said. Speaking at the SmartGov Live event in London, he …


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  1. Craig 12

    I don't sit around calculating

    Do we need a "Dilbert is real!" icon?

    1. gerryg

      A better question...

      is what does he sit around doing?

      Perhaps from 5 July (see below)

      he could become Colonel-in-Chief 3 Hoxton Skunk commando? (homage to FatsBrannigan)

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        He'll have to fight me for it. A Hoxton joust: we slap each other silly with iPads while mounted on fixed-gear bikes. Dress code: pork pie hat and stupid face hair.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Next on the cut list - please!

    They may have cut a bunch, but I notice more popping up, so I guess it's all about how you count websites. I imagine it doesn't count as a 'website' if its URL is just a prefix on the parent domain. So '' would be OK, but '' would be for the chop.

    Handy when every Minister, Senior Servile Civet, and Gov-funded Hoxton Skunk-commando feels they need their own WordPress blog to advertise their brilliance. Those backs won't pat themselves, chaps.

    1. gerryg

      please may we have an El Reg Neologism page?

      I can't stop laughing at "Hoxton Skunk commando" it needs to enter the language

  3. Southern


    Does this mean we not only paid loads in taxpayer funds for the thousands of sites that don't help get the right answer, but also for consultancy fees to help get rid of them later down the line and then to amalgamate the right information into the surviving sites?

    The mind truly boggles at such a monumental waste of good money. Pic related.

  4. Stuart 22

    The Public Guardian Didn't

    Just suffered from this rationalisation. The previously very well laid out and very informative website of the Office of The Public Guardian (where you register for power of attorney) has been subsumed into

    The tiny subsection of is difficult to find and navigate. Important information has been removed. You now have to phone them up to get it. Wastes my time/money and theirs. I wonder if this was costed into the saving money equation?

    "If it ain't broke/don't fix it " is an IT maxim. Why go on this idealogical bonfire of the websites when there is so much that needs to be fixed within the sites?

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Next Local Gov sites please

    Yes they provide a huge amount services, but really how hard can it be to find Christmas bin collection schedules, swimming pool opening times and School holidays....then again, easy to find the Gay and lesbian drop in centre...

    Lets not even start on the address of the local tip, sorry refuse site, nope, rubbish,mmm civic ammenity, nope.....ahhhh Your Local enviormental recycling and disposal site....riigggghhhrrrrtttt

  6. daftveggie

    destruction of useful information

    I agree with Stuart22, not only has the office of the Public Guardian's site (I also agree that this was a really well designed site) been replaced by the illumines orange idiocy of, but someone has decided to move everything around on to make it impossible to find. Furthermore the hmcourts-service site is no more, unless you follow the links on the site which takes you back, after you have spend an age looking for what you wanted, to the old page on hmcourts-service.

    A brilliant bit of cost saving there, can I apply for a job as an MP as it looks like any idiot can do it.

  7. Mike 137 Silver badge

    Nice to be free of that responsibility

    The Cabinet Office's interim executive director for digital government - quote: "I don't sit around calculating how much we will save"

    Isn't that part of his remit then? How comforting that must be.

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