back to article Hitachi keen to be cloud content king

Hitachi Data Systems is planning to provide a sophisticated content storage cloud infrastructure with end-to-end deduplication and local file servers accessing a content core having both archive and data discovery functions. According to information the Reg has received, HDS has a concept of a content core, composed of the …


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  1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Hitachi light years ahead ? .......

    Thanks for the high level low down, Chris. Seems like Hitachi Data Systems are going for Critical Leadership in the Sublime Information and Strategic Intelligence Supply of Virtual Machine Applications to Cloud Layer Controllers ...... Future Derivative Dealers in a Virtual Hedged and FailSafe Protected, Private Pirate Market Place and Public Owned and Zoned Space.

    Which is surely a sophisticated parallel to what DARPA are calling for ideas on, in their "100 year Starship Study" ..

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