back to article Xeround reinvents MySQL atop Amazon cloud

Upstart database maker Xeround has taken the wraps off the 1.0 release of its flagship product, but you can't install it in your local data center. It's only available as a service, from public clouds like Amazon's EC2. Xeround got its start building massively scaled database management systems for telecom companies, including …


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  1. Gordan

    Undue credit

    From the description of their "proprietary" technology, it sounds like they actually did very little. It sounds like the took MySQL Cluster (in-memory storage, distributed and replicated data sharding for scalability, and on disk storage only for crash/reboot recovery) slapped a trendy sounding name on it (there had to be X in the name), and call it a revolutionary new product.

    The simple fact is, unfortunately, that MySQL Cluster is actually slower on any low-latency load, and while it is a clever technology suitable for some use-cases, it doesn't come without drawbacks.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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