back to article ARM server hero Calxeda lines up software super friends

With Intel's top brass bad-mouthing ARM-based servers, upstart server chip maker Calxeda can't let Intel do all the talking. It has to put together an ecosystem of hardware and software partners who believe there's a place for a low-power, 32-bit ARM-based server platform in the data center. To that end, Calxeda, formerly …


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  1. defiler

    480 cores in 2U?!

    Well fuck me with a haddock!

    That is all...

  2. Goat Jam

    Less Talk

    More action.

    I just went and bought an AMD E-350N mobo for my home server, couldn't wait any longer for the ARM crowd to stop with the jibber jabber and make with the actual products.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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