back to article HP: Apotheker rolls more heads

More heads are rolling at Hewlett-Packard, as new CEO and former SAPer Leo Apotheker is flattening and reorganizing the IT giant so that all chiefs of customer-facing units report directly to him . Most notably, HP has announced that Ann Livermore will soon step down from her job running HP's Enterprise Services unit and …


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  1. nyelvmark

    HP bought EDS?

    Is this the same EDS that scammed the British government out of billions by inventing problems (I think it was called "system analysis" in those days, though I'm sure there's a more fashionable name today) and claiming to have solutions to those problems?

    I once interviewed for that EDS as a programmer. They told me about how they were at the cutting edge in programming, using the "most modern methods" which I think meant Java, or Delphi, or something (the HR people weren't sure, but they knew it was all about objects). Then they told me about "Dress-Down Fridays", which, as far as I understood meant that on Fridays my programming skills wouldn't be assessed by reference to my fashion sense.

    I suppose I might have got as far as the technical interview if I'd been able to wipe the smirk off my face.

  2. alwarming
    Paris Hilton

    So would Randy Mott join Oracle ?

    I would think, yes, but without the 3million bonus he got when he joined HP.

    Paris, coz she is the Randy one in the Herd.

  3. SisterClamp

    Two things...

    1) Leo's strategy might make sense...if he was a competent manager in any way.

    2) Ann's promotion is proof positive of that Dilbert cartoon that says: "Attendance is 90% of success."

  4. Anonymous Coward

    outshaft their own employees to EDS

    yeah...that's getting the shaft.

  5. Ray 8


    Finally he is cutting the dead wood. I wonder how many more Hurd-ittes are still left there?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Meanwhile on the ground, the troops (you know, the ones that do the actual work that brings in the revenue) are bailing fast. Years of no pay rises, scrubbed training, impossible expenses claims procedures and meathead managers are taking their toll. If you can get WFR'd then so much the better. Good luck with the changes Leo, but you need to sort out the morale of those at the bottom.

  7. Smoking Man
    Thumb Up

    Pls. repeat after me:" The Rockstar left the company!"

    Anybody who wants to comment, pls. do me a favor: Repeat that Randy Mott has left the company.

    Just can't read and hear it often enough :-))

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tom Ianotti?

    I was under impression that Tom Ianotti also already confirmed that he's going to retire? Which is actually bad, cause he is quite a nice guy in comparison. So he's going away, just didn't say when exactly. Probably just when new guy is hired And it starts to be really interesting who's going to be new lead of HP ES. Someone from outside I guess

    And about the rest of changes: HELL YEAH. Some of those should be done the next day after Leo became CEO

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