back to article Hacker crims plant fake news to discredit security researchers

Criminal hackers hacked into a specialist news outlet to plant a fabricated story falsely suggesting security researchers Mikko Hypponen and Brian Krebs had been arrested after they were supposedly caught selling stolen credit card details. The bogus "news item" on this weekend claimed that Krebs and his " …


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  1. Thomas 18

    Whether we should ban .cc domain (Cyber Crime)

    It's a difficult issue, on one hand having all the cyber criminals organised in one place where we can see them is good. On the other hand does the .cc (Cyber Crime) domain name encourage or legitimise these kinds of activities.

  2. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    A kinder, gentler mafia?

    Planting fake news stories now instead of horse heads, are they?

    1. T.a.f.T.

      meta news

      news about fake news is now news... which is news to me I must say.

      I can I call a stop to this before we recurse too far and run out of memory please (or can we go to the coud and be saved)?

      1. Oninoshiko


        as long as it's tail recursion, and you apply the appropriate optimization, running out of memory isn't a problem.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    If the level of the hackers' mentality is to suggest that people are gay to try to insult or discredit them in some way, I dispare.

  4. T.a.f.T.

    Sense of Humor?

    "The fact that cybercrooks went out of their way to discredit Hypponen and Krebs suggests the duo are hurting black market crooks by publicly exposing their strategies and shady business dealings."

    That or like many people on the internet the perpetrators find calling people gay or hypocrites fun.

  5. Ian Ferguson
    Black Helicopters

    L33t haxx0rs

    Ah, but how are you sure that the story wasn't true and they're planting misinformation.... #fud

    I suspect we'll see more and more stories like this popping up. Just like the tabloids spin stories for entertainment, hackers, PR outfits and governments will start planting fake stories for political means.

  6. Anonymous Coward


    Surely it's quicker just to modify the relevant wikiepedia pages - the english press would have been all over it like a rash (esp. the Daily Mail with the boyfriend angle)

    1. Oninoshiko

      To true,

      That was probibly the next step, using the planted article as a "source."

This topic is closed for new posts.

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