back to article Codemasters pulls website after hackers pwn customer database

Games developer Codemasters has taken its website offline and advised users to change their passwords in the aftermath of a hack attack last week. Unknown attackers made off with a treasure trove of personal information following an attack on Codemaster' website last Friday (3 June). Hackers got access to the Codemasters CodeM …


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  1. Raymondo B
    Thumb Down

    Why me?!

    Why is it always the gaming sites that I'm registered with that get hacked?!!

    1. Kurt S


      ..first SOE, now Codemasters.

      And in between these hacks about 3 phising attempts for my inactive WoW account.

      I'm getting pretty fed up with it to be honest.

      1. Adam T


        Although it doesn't look like cogaccounts - the LoTRO & DDO accounts site - was effected (the site is still up and hasn't been pulled).

        I've had someone having a go at my old WoW accounts too -- Blizzard made it easy for them with the BattleNet transition. Borks.

        I'm going to busy myself changing all my other unused account details to a holding address and passwords. All the way back to Ultima Hm, quite fancy a play UO now I mention it...

      2. Lord Lien

        @ Kurt S. Phising for accounts.....

        They just send out these emails from a list in a database somewhere. Even my old man gets them all the time for WoW, Eve & Rift. There is no way he plays them or even knows what a mmorpg.

        I seem to be getting YouTube ones all the time now, since you need to have a Google account to login to YouTube.

  2. Anonymous Coward
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    Can't say I'm sorry to see them having problems.

    Bought my only game of theirs from one of their partners ( four years ago...had the motherboard in the computer it was installed on crash & burn...when I rebuilt the computer with a new motherboard & CPU, the game asked to be re-activated...and they BOTH refused to help me.

    Found a "work around" on the Net to get it running again. So I'm sorry for the customers...not sorry for Codemasters.

  3. Pink Duck
    Thumb Down

    required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    Time for a new email address :(

  4. Oliver Mayes

    Starting to get pissed off now

    This is the third email I've had in the last month from a big company saying "Sorry, we got hacked and all of your card details have been stolen." Then they shrug it off and go back to operating in exactly the same way. How hard is it to have a secure system?

    Why are these details being stored in clear text?

    What happens when I see money leaving my bank account? Are my bank going to reverse the withdrawals or are they just going to shrug and blame me for not keeping my details secure?

    1. Turtle_Fan

      Ever heard of malinator?

      Simple, easy to use disposable addresses that are easy to keep track of (rss) and hard for others to track.

      Ever since they implemented alternative domaims, only my bank has my email address.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    EA and Ubisoft next

    If anyone deserves it, it's those two.

    1. Adam T


      Your hate is misplaced. It's not them is it, it's us. Be different if they were hacking the CEO's air conditioning and private elevator.

      1. Anonymous Coward

        more duh.

        and hack his mistress...

    2. Anonymous Coward


      How dare they (a) sell games you don't like and/or (b) give incentives to new (as opposed to used) games!</sarcasm>

      Seriously, $10 more for the VIP code is small potatoes.

      (I'm assuming you are complaining about these kinds of things. Unless you have a different fish to fry?)

  6. Turtle_Fan

    codemasters of op flashpoint infamy...

    I really don't mind seeing lenton's smug, arrogant, bespectacled face take it on the chin.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    This is the second time...

    Codemasters have been hacked before - this is the second time they have had to mail everyone asking them to change their passwords (if I recall correctly it was near xmas last year or the year before). In fact, I think it was also then the CodeM system and their forums which were breached last time.

    I haven't bought a Codemasters game since their utter incompetence was demonstrated last time - probably a good thing. Thank god they had the sense to not hold payment card details etc. themselves (although I'm betting this was due to commercials rather than any actual thinking that they couldn't be trusted.)

    For a company whose name is "Codemasters", I find it ironic that they can again be humiliated by sloppy code. Codemasters ... clearly not when it comes to coding securely.

  8. deviAnt Ostrich

    required title.

    Thankfully I only signed up to use their forum and used a pretty weak password that I don't use anywhere else on the net... So I take it other than receiving a possible deluge of spam and phishing attempts to my email address - and having my name and possibly gamertag associated with that address - there's not too much for me to worry about...

    I await the aforementioned extra spam with glee!

  9. Mannginger


    It was only July last year that they were hacked and account security was compromised. After that (fairly) recent attack and the Sony issues, I'm surprised they haven't made more effort to secure our data.

  10. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Deary me, are they still going?!

    Last codemasters game I remember buying was some naff £1.99 job for my Spectrum! Still I think this is the kick up the arse I needed to reel in my important accounts, change the logins, emails and bin the old addresses!

  11. Paul 87

    What's slightly more of a pain

    If you're someone who uses a dozen or so different passwords, actually remembering which one you used on that site without being able to check exactly *which* one you used.

    1. deviAnt Ostrich

      I thought this

      and cursed thinking I'd need to change all my passwords - but then checked my old emails (which I never delete - a bit lazy i know) and when you sign up (certainly for the forum) you get an email stating the temporary password. If you then changed this at any point - you got another email telling you what you changed it too...

  12. Anonymous Coward

    Treasure Island Dizzy

    I purchased Treasure Island Dizzy for my Amstrad in 1988. Does this mean hackers now have my credit card details?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      if your card is still valid...

      tell me who issued it, I'd love to stop having get a new cards every 1-3 years.

  13. Law


    Wouldn't bother me so much, but now that both PC and Xbox games are beginning to require me to sign up to these things to even play the damn game I bought it's getting to be a bit of a pain in the arse...

  14. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    This makes me nervous


  15. Martin Lyne

    I did try to warn you

    I fucking predicted this would happen in this post:

    When a website manages to royally fuck up your registration process you can assume a few things. Things like unencrypted passwords and SQL injection invitations.

    I'd laugh if all my fucking, shitting data wasn't on their fucking shitty websites. Did I mention Fuck and Shit? Those too.

  16. Tony Paulazzo


    >And in between these hacks about 3 phising attempts for my inactive WoW account.<

    I get them, and immediately delete them, like I did the codemaster one, assuming it wasn't legit. The last codemasters game I bought was an early Colin mc- something rally driving game. I mean, my account must have been nearly ten years old and completely inactive and still on their database, I have no idea what my login details were.

  17. Winkypop Silver badge


    Not so much....

  18. Bo Pedersen

    not to mention the game server

    many of their game servers have been down too

    race driver grid being the one I frequent, now almost two weeks without proper online grid

    tunngle isn't the same, I can't password the game to keep the cheaters out

    expecting a slew of gaming industry hacks

  19. The Morgan Doctrine

    There are cases where banks and governments are fair game

    Any "Robin Hoods" out there might consider certain banks and government treasuries to be fair game for some social engineering. But ya gotta follow the Cyber Privateer Code of Conduct ( I elaborate:

  20. Anonymous Coward

    couldn't happen . . .

    Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of assholes.

    They can't take criticism and their protection schemes are some of the worst code ever compiled.

    I can't believe I wasted any money on this companies offerings.

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