back to article James Sherwood 1983-2011

Former Reg Hardware reporter James Sherwood died this weekend after suffering an epileptic seizure during his sleep. He was 28. James joined El Reg in 2007, returning to journalism - he had been a reporter on Computer Reseller News - after a foray to the Dark Side as PR manager for networking distributor Zycko. But his …


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  1. Stuart Archer


    RIP James, your insight and humour will be missed!

  2. David Gosnell

    Good grief :O(

    R.I.P. fellow.

  3. trarch

    Best Wishes

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Rest in peace

  4. cliff 2

    Only the good....

    I was so shocked and sorry to hear this sad news - my thoughts are with James' family.

This topic is closed for new posts.