back to article Whitebox tablet sales surge smacks down iPad

Apple's stranglehold on the worldwide tablet market has loosened slightly, with whitebox or non-branded vendors taking over as the fastest-growing segment during the first quarter, according to research from beancounters at DisplaySearch. Numbers for Q1 also show that slate shipments declined sequentially, down 5.2 per cent to …


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  1. Captain Scarlet

    More frisbees

    The amount of people who purchase these and then realise it wont do what they want will be on the increase as well then.

    1. oddie


      you mean the ipad's, the whitebox ones or both?

  2. Jay 2


    Reminds me of all those useful netbooks running Linux which got taken back to the shop when the unwitting couldn't install CoD, Office or countless other Win software on them.

  3. johnnymotel

    I call BS & FUD

    "Though Apple remains the largest tablet-pusher globally – with a 54 per cent market share "

    So out of the 7+million Apple sells this quarter, the 'opposition' sold 6+million?

    Gimme a break!

    1. Jon B

      I don't..

      Take a quick visit to dealextreme or similar, a lot of those cheapo android tablets are getting sold around the world.

  4. SuccessCase

    In an office somewhere

    "Damn, Apple's strategy is looking pretty good, we've got nothing negative to say."

    "Yes things are looking dire, people will think we're losing our edge."

    "I know, I'll buy a an iPad for my Grandma and rig the battery so it blows up. Then we'll have a huge health and safety story."

    "good idea, in the meantime i'll run with the story about White box tablet sales increasing, if we twist it just right we can even use the word "smack-down" in the title, that will grab some attention."

    "great we've got a strategy again"

    "hmm maybe we shouldn't run the grandma story, that would be going a little bit too far."

    "yer suppose your right, we'll just stick with the white box story for now then, but we'll have to keep out thinking caps on. We can't let Apple run a successful WWDC and not get a couple of shots in."

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    54% + 20% = 100%

    It seems like there is something missing here...

    1. Patrick R

      non whiteboxes ?

      Acer, Toshiba, Samsung ?

  6. Ray 8


    anyone know the lifespan of the Fondleslabs or iClones?

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