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  1. DrXym Silver badge

    £26 for a cloth bag and some zips

    How do they keep their prices so low and still make a profit? Meanwhile Poundland sells neoprene pouches and various repurposable zip cases for a quid.

  2. Timfy67

    Are you paid for these "ads"?

    Seriously, this format is a bit pants. And 65% for an item that does exactly what it is supposed to do? I don't understand that rating scale, it sounds like it has been marked down for being too feminine with all that purse and wallet guff.

    1. JB

      Ratings - chill!

      I think one needs to take this ratings system in relative terms. To me, when I see 65% in a Reg Hardware review, I think "it must be rubbish"; 85% and above - "must be pretty good". I was looking at some old Crash magazines from the mid 80s online, none of the game reviews ever went below about 40%, but you knew that the 40% games were probably utter rubbish.

      I do agree with you about the Txt Take format, though - I like brevity, but this s taking it a bit too far.

  3. Rick Brasche

    again, how is this a review?

    does it suck? does it not suck? does it work, fit well, fit poorly? Recommended or not? It won't take but a few characters to give the opinion if it's good, bad, a waste of time, etc.

    come on, something resembling a review please? if I want regurgitated copy from interested parties I'll turn to the Associated Press.

    1. Tony Smith, Editor, Reg Hardware (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: again, how is this a review?

      Don't like the format? Not interested in the product? Don't read Txt Takes. Simple.

      FWIW, we try all this stuff out, and comment and rate accordingly. The format allows us to cover products that folk may consider buying but aren't going to read a page or two review.

  4. Vlad

    And for 25.99 less....

    I made a sleeve for my Kindle out of a piece of white card. It is 14mm shorter than the Kindle, so the Kindle slides in from the top. The sides and bottom are held together with packing tape marked 'Fragile'. I made it before going on holiday over two months ago, and although it's getting grubby it's still going strong. It does the job perfectly.

    {Boffin icon - NOT!}

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Down

    Suggested price..


    There, fixed it for you....and your welcome.

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