back to article Nintendo coughs to using Xbox, PS3 footage at Wii U event

All that glistens is not necessarily Nintendo, it seems, after news has broken that gameplay footage shown during its Wii U announcement was actually from Xbox 360 and PS3 games, rather than clips rendered by the new hardware. Various third-party titles were on show during the E3 event, from Ninja Gaiden 3 to Dirt, but with no …


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  1. Dayjo


    I'm a big Ninty fan, always have been. But I am dubious/curious about this console (not rushing out to buy one, I don't have the time to play games really any more), but I'm definitely interested in seeing what it has to offer, and whether it really will compete with the XBOX and PS3.

    Happy that they've done something different controller wise, always nice to have a different way to play console games, that's the whole point of consoles, to be interactive and fun so will be looking forward to more "actual" gameplay footage.

    Zelda looks like it'll be pretty sick though!

  2. Greg J Preece

    Sick of Nintendo

    Oooh, another new controller. Big deal, you're still releasing yet another Zelda, yet another Metroid, yet another Mario. Innovation never sleeps at the big N, does it?

    And finding out that they've been bullshitting people about the Wii 2's capabilities is hardly surprising. Too late though, all the fanboys and Guardian writers already believe them.

    1. bolccg


      C'mon dude, you gotta be kidding me when you question Nintendo's ability to innovate?! So the games you listed come from existing IP - bit much to say that Nintendo don't innovate just based on that?! Until the DS/Wii all that changed between console generations was processing power. Nintendo's products may not speak to your particular interests but to say that they don't innovate just marks you out as ridiculously blinkered.

    2. bluesxman

      RE: Sick of Nintendo

      "you're still releasing yet another Zelda, yet another Metroid, yet another Mario"

      Is that so different from another Halo, another Killzone, another GTA, another Resistance, another Call of Duty, another Battlefield, another Medal of Honour...?

      Just because the Nintendo IP franchises are older doesn't automatically make them inferior to your other cookie cutter games.

    3. SteveBalmer

      That is unfortunatly how things work.

      You get your foot in the door at a handful of key sources, and all of a sudden the ball is rolling and the copy and paste journalism begins...

      It's how Microsoft managed to sell 50m barely working consoles, and the media seemingly ignored it and focused on hating Sony instead. It's amazing what an unlimited advertising budget can buy you.

  3. DrXym

    1080p output doesn't mean anything

    Both the 360 and PS3 have 1080p output too but usually use 720p (or less) because most games don't afford them the CPU / GPU budget or memory to let them go any higher. So the claim 1080p is utterly meaningless. What matters are the hardware specs, particular the CPU, GPU, memory and the bus connecting them all together. When those are know people can make a fair estimation of its likely performance.

    It if turned out the Wii U had a 4ghz quad core CPU and a NVidia 9 series derived GPU one would expect the system to scream. If it turned out to be a bollocky 1 core hyperthreaded CPU with some off the shelf embedded GPU one could expect it to stink on ice.

    The devil is in the details but Nintendo have hardly been known to push the boat out in the past. Usually they ship extremely lacklustre hardware and coast on a gimmick and the indication is they intend to do the same this time. It looks like the controller is half a DS XL screen attached to some controls with something equivalent to the PS3's remote play to enable the screen to mirror or augment the TV's main screen.

    I expect the console will have "just enough" processing ooomph to exist on the same tier as the 360 & PS3 and share title ports and that will be that. Which would be fine if the thing came out 5 years ago but it isn't. It will be appearing at about the same time that the next generation of consoles appear.

    1. bluesxman

      RE: 1080p output doesn't mean anything

      "It will be appearing at about the same time that the next generation of consoles appear"

      From the final paragraph of the article:

      "If reports are to be believed, [Microsoft's and Sony's] respective follow-up machines will probably surface around 2015"

      1. DrXym


        2015 is too far away. The PS3 turned up 6 years after the PS2. The PS3 will turn 6 next year and the 360 will be 7. I expect both Microsoft and / or Sony will be announcing new consoles either in 2012 or 2013 at the latest.

  4. Thomas 18


    It has an HD port, obviously it will have uber graphics. If the CPU uses logic this flimsy, expect electrical fires the moment they are plugged in.

  5. SteveBalmer


    Clearly Nintendon't offering will be a poor-mans PS3, with poor-mans games too.

    It a shame consumers just buy what they know (or what the media tell them). For example how many consumers know about ModNation Racers? How many know about MarioKart? Which is the better game? ModNation of course, by a VERY long mile.

    1. P Zero


      Didn't you just get your PSN back or something?

    2. Anon the mouse


      I've played both, I own both(consoles and games you mention).... so why is it Mario Kart that gets the most play time? It's more fun (I couldn't put a finger on what it just is)

      Why would a Wii consumer (generally not the "hardcore" players) know about modnation racers on the PS3 and PSP?

      Oh they wouldn't as they have no need to unless they own both systems

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward


        Surely the better comparison would be between MarioKart and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing.

        Having played both (and having met the team behind SSR), I can say I much prefered SSR.

        There's something else I'd love to rant about, but I'll have to wait until a future time as I don't want anyone sacked.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Mario Kart wins

        Because it take far less skill to play, add to that the easy to use (though horribly inaccurate) Wii Wheel and anyone can pick it up and play. Once I finished unlocking everything I never went back to play as there just isn't any challenge left. Even my kids haven't played it in almost 2 years.

  6. Captain Scarlet

    Surely Sony and Microsoft will have to counteract this

    Either manufacturer could be the next Sega, I have no doubt Ninetendo has the power to support and promote it

  7. Raumkraut

    More power Mr. Scott!

    "But will it be really more powerful than the current-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft?"

    Does it need to be?

    The original Wii "won" the last round of the console wars, for many years if not overall, despite being laughed at by critics for its underpowered hardware.

    Are people complaining that the Xbox360 and PS3 are looking underpowered and creaky these days? Not so I've seen. The new Wii need only match those consoles in power, while bringing a few new ideas to the forum. Then, once again, Nintendo can sell the new console relatively cheaply - competitively with the "so last generation" 360 and PS3, I'd imagine - and still make money on each unit.

    1. Tom 38
      Thumb Up

      @Raumkraut: Thumbs up

      MS + Sony pay people to buy their consoles where as Nintendo _always_ make a profit on every unit sold. People often overlook that.

      Plus, the graphics in PS3/xbox aren't exactly current gen. I'm sure 'tendo will easily match current tech in this.

      1. SteveBalmer

        Uncharted 3 says hi

        As clearly the PS3 is still kicking out graphics that lead what anything else can kick out currently by a VERY long margin.

    2. DrXym

      So how many Wii owners felt like they "won"

      If winning means enduring a cesspool of shovelware, shoddy PS2 ports, gimmick controllers and a console that gathers dust in the cupboard then yes the Wii won.

      1. Anon the mouse

        @ So how many Wii owners felt like they "won"

        Any Wii can be hacked with an SD card and a version specific file/game. You can then enable the ability to play games (that you copy from your legally owned disks) from a USB drive. You can also enable region bypass so all those jap/us only games that can be imported can be played on your standard UK wii :D

        That sounds like a win to me.

        I have all 3 systems and the Wii felt like the biggest win and biggest disappointment at the same time.... pretty much like the Wii U

    3. SteveBalmer

      "The original Wii "won" the last round of the console wars"

      Errm, just because Nintendo are bailing out halfway through does not make it the end.

      Clearly PS3 has another 5 years yet, and I guarantee it will have outsold the Wii by then....

      EPIC FAIL, that someone clearly thinks the first one to quit is the winner...

      1. Anonymous Coward

        i think...

        i think nintendo threw the towel in on the wii as there was no money left in games sales since the console was Über pwned by the hacking community.

        the hacker now has total control over the console to the point that the system rom is more or less run in a virtual machine, if Nintendo update it, then on next reboot its back to its hacked condition.

        you can copy your games disks onto an external usb hard drive and play the game without the original disk...

        the upshot is that game developers will now only make minimal money back from the investment and may not even break even.

        The ability to secure a platform is probably higher on Nintendo's must do list than producing a few rendered videos of game play for the announcement that a new console is on the way !

        Drink up me 'arties yo ho !

    4. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Surely the DS "won" this round by becoming the quickest selling console in history? With its massive number of iterations, it's even sneaking up on the title of most sold console in history too!

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not a good sign

    That he's highlighting 1080p output. Scaling the resolution is the easiest thing to accomplish, doesn't necessarily mean that game will look as good as a 1080p game on the ps3 or xbox360 however, nor does it mean the graphics will look any different than current Wii games with the resolution scaled up.

  9. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    Big honcho at megacorp X lied!

    Well hold the frontpage Sherlock! Well blow me, next you'll be telling me that bears can't use the facilities and have to look for more local amenities!

  10. Badvok

    PS4 - 2015/2016

    I keep seeing this quoted but I can't figure out how people are arriving at that date, can someone please clarify.

    Playstation - 1994/95, PS2 - 2000, PS3 - 2006/7, by my calculations that makes PS4 due next year if they stick to the 6 year generation gap.

    1. Anon the mouse

      10 year cycle this time

      Sony and MS have said that they are aiming for a 10 year console cycle this time around... probably due to how much they've lost on the hardware so far.

      Nintendo are being nintendo and doing their own thing, when they want and how they want

      1. DrXym

        10 year console cycle

        Sony do have a 10 year console cycle. Doesn't mean the new console is introduced exactly 10 years after the last one though. Normally there is overlap as can be seen from the PS2 which lived on fairly successfully even several years into the PS3's life. Microsoft killed off the XBox a lot faster (by discontinuing production and sales of the old console) but there was overlap there too.

        1. Anon the mouse


          but they have stated that they won't introduce a new console for approx 10 years from PS3 release date.

          I'm pretty sure MS killed the Xbox dead as soon as the 360 came out. I vaguely remember a stink about game developers not being allowed to release NEW xbox1 games after the 360 release date.

      2. Badvok

        10 year cycle?

        But it was always a 10 year life cycle. They didn't stop making or selling the previous one for years after producing the new one.

  11. jason 7

    New consoles 2013 at the latest.

    You read it here.

    Please can we have some new ones? The current crop are feeling very arthritic right now.

    Chances are Nintendos news this week will bring the release for Sony and MS a lot lot closer.

    Note to MS, just dont go skimping on the heat testing this time okay!

    1. SteveBalmer

      It wasn't skimping on testing.

      They knew is was broken when it shipped, but they didn't really care too much about it, getting consoles in homes (even broken consoles) was more important than delaying the launch.

      Why? Because one someone has signed up to Xbox Live for a year, and then bought games, they are locked in. Microsoft knew that after 4 years of Xbox Live fees, the cost of replacing that broken console with a slightly better partially working one that MIGHT last to the end of the warranty would have been made back up.

      You might want to read all of that to fully understand how little Microsoft really cares about it's gaming customers.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Thumb Down

        Not you again?

        Dammn Steve, will you just f-off already? Every time there is an article up about rival games machines, you come on here saying how amazing Sony is and how shite everyone else is. It's boring.

        I suggest you remove that Move controller from the place we all know you have it stored and take your petty, predictable, Sony love elsewhere. Otherwise, I'll tell them you're not doing your job properly and everyone can see through the ignorant bias.

        BTW, I have a PS3 and I love it. You're doing the company a disservice because people like you actually make me want to spite Sony really.

      2. Term

        Looks like it was skimping on testing...


        The link you gave has this gem in it:

        "The problems began before the Xbox 360s got to the market. The testing machines were not ready, and the battery of tests that they ran were not fully developed. That meant that the testing machines would inspect the Xbox 360s coming off the line and approve them for shipment, even though there were likely flaws."

  12. Deano2099

    Of course

    Will the new console be more powerful than tech that is seven years old?

    Err, yes, obviously.

    It might not come with in a mile of whatever MS and Sony do next, but they'll have 2-3 years on them.

  13. Anonymous Coward


    Hang on, that Bird video was definitely from the Wii U.

  14. SteveBalmer

    Hmm, Seems Ninty just got trumped.

    As the PS3/Vita combo will likely already do all of this, 6 months sooner too, and at a lower cost (with the advantage both can be used separately too...)

  15. Studley

    It's "glisters"

    ...that is all

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