back to article Explosion at Intel's 'Fab 32' Arizona chip plant

A small explosion injured seven people yesterday afternoon at Intel's wafer-baking factory in Chandler, Arizona. According to various reports, the explosion took place in a part of the Chandler facility that is being upgraded to support 22 nanometer chip fabrication, which Intel will ramp up later this year using its Tri-Gate …


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  1. Yet Another Anonymous coward Silver badge

    not an explosion

    Almost certainly wasn't an explosion.

    It may have been a rapid combustion - like a shuttle solid rocket booster going off.

    Or even a deflagaration - like a cannon going off.

    But probably not an explosion.

    1. Captain Thyratron

      Are you sure...?

      Are you sure you aren't confusing "explosion" with "detonation"?

    2. Anomalous Cowturd


      Sounds like an explosion to me...

    3. Asgard

      In reference to the events at the aforementioned 'Fab 32' Arizona chip plant

      @"Almost certainly wasn't an explosion." "It may have been a rapid combustion"

      It was an explosion.

      An explosion is defined as follows:

      1. an act or instance of exploding; a violent expansion or bursting with noise, as of gunpowder or a boiler (opposed to implosion).

      2. the noise itself: The loud explosion woke them.

      3. a violent outburst, as of laughter or anger.

      Therefore a rapid combustion is an explosion, but an explosion may not necessarily be a rapid combustion.

      Therefore explosion is a superset which includes rapid combustion and therefore covers the definition of what occurred.

      Elementary, my dear Watson.

  2. Horridbloke

    Now the factory's rid itself of those pesky vermin...

    ... just what is it getting to?

    (Hope the affected recover swiftly though.)

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh wow

    Reading The Register past articles and comments I would think explosions in high-tech factories only happened to companies manufacturing Apple products in China.

    Maybe this plant was making Apple's CPU's already.

    1. BristolBachelor Gold badge

      Shoe on the other foot

      No; fires and accidents happen everywhere. The lack of posts in this article is probably because it's hard to twist this particular article into a "They are all bad, evil people and we are the best" comment.

      I'll get me coat

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    probably right

    I reckon the "chemical storage area" must have been where they were stockpiling the special apple sauce that everyone keeps banging on about.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    manufacturing is not without risk

    real manufacturing is not without risk..infrastructure is dangerous too. People seem to think everything is sterile white and safe as houses these days.

    People are waay too insulated from the real world and don't have the slightest clue as to how technically difficult that "insulation" is to manufacture and maintain

    high voltage, flammable pressurized gasses, sharp edges, bad smells and greases that can stain your designer suits! Eloi stay away, let us Morlocks handle the duty.

    1. M Gale

      Oh indeedy.

      I used to work for a parcel service (they rhyme with 'Ruffnells') that has the dubious honour of taking materials that few or no other couriers will touch. Sofas? Not a problem. Televisions? Also no problem. Gigantic barrels of food flavouring that is so concentrated it needs a 'WARNING: CORROSIVE" sticker on the side? All part of the business. Five foot high LEAKY dewars of liquid nitrogen going between medical facilities? Well I can verify the leidenfrost effect personally. Bleaches, acids, alkali, various other flammable/oxidizing/explosive industrial chemicals being used in all sorts of places that you wouldn't think of. Even more fun when Septemper/October rolls around again and you're rolling around in enough 40 foot loads of fireworks to blow the entire facility and probably the rest of the industrial estate sky high. Don't light a match!

      By the way, Taurine has an incredibly long chemical name and comes as a very dense powder in small cardboard barrels that are a bugger to lift if you're not expecting it. I know this because I've probably hauled enough of the stuff around to give the entire world the jitters five times over.

      Manufacturing? Pfft, have a thought for the poor buggers who have to ship you the raw ingredients!

  6. asdf


    Kind of weird to hear about this the first time through an UK based IT web site when it occurred about 3 miles from my house. Not surprising as Arizona media is so depressing (documenting the local corrupt evil Republican machine mostly) that I tend to avoid. Didn't notice any worse traffic so by daily commute yesterday they must have had it under control.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I heard it was the latest Itanium processor

    Since it's not selling very well HP asked Intel to make up an excuse of "lack of supply".

    It's funny that the Itanic is made in Arizona where an iceburg has never been seen but still is sinking like a rock.

  8. Anonymous Coward

    New slogan

    Kaboom! Intel Outside.

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