back to article Sony unveils PlayStation telly

Amid the inevitable PSN outage apologies, Sony has officially unveiled the PS Vita, as well as a PlayStation-branded TV which allows users to view two different outputs at the same time. Sony's US chief, Jack Tretton, kicked off the company's E3 speech with apologies for the PlayStation Network security breach. All was soon …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Looks good...

    Just don't trust them with any data.

  2. Lottie


    That seems like a really good idea and a better use of the tech than poorly rendered 3D movies.

    Having said that, after the review of their 3dtv yesterday, I think I'll wait until someone more competent takes up the mantel.

    1. Jolyon

      Remember, don't shoot food!

      It's clever but presumably pretty horrific for anyone else in the room who does not have a linked set of specs.

      1. ThomH


        It'd just look like the TV is constantly halfway between a fade from one to the other, surely?

  3. LuMan

    Right direction

    Now, why didn't anyone think of this sooner? Use split-image tech to project 2 completely disparate images or content. Not only can we have Player 1 and Player 2 looking at a full-screen output, but the tech could be adapted so that I can watch Mr T's World's Craziest Fools while my wife settles down for Midsomer Murders. Multiplex the audio alongside the video data and job's a good 'un! Just don't mix the audio up otherwise Mr T will sound like Barnaby (or something).

    1. mike_ackee

      Not a new idea...

      ...we'd been thinking about this for cinema applications for a year or two - Couple go to cinema, girl sees romantic comedy, bloke sees porn. Everyone happy! (well at least until she finds out)

      1. Jason Togneri

        @ Not a new idea...

        "Couple go to cinema, girl sees romantic comedy, bloke sees porn. Everyone happy!"

        Yeah, until she starts crying at a soppy moment while you're enjoying the pizza delivery man's entrance, or similar unwanted reactions to the 'other' movie (and since you'll be watching porn, I dread to think how inappropriate /your/ sounds and actions are going to be during her romantic scenes...)

    2. Stewart Atkins

      Range Rover

      I saw a simiar tech on top gear a year or two ago in a range rover or land rover or something. It was a (roughly 7 inch) screen in the dash that could play a dvd or tv to the passenger while showing the driver a sat-nav map. Admittedly that tech could use lenticulars because the position of each person was fixed, but the concept is the same

    3. Bram

      They have done it already

      and without the need for specs.

      In the Mercedes S Class. The sat nav screen is visible for the driver and for those in the back looking at the same screen it will be a DVD. It works like those holograms whic change image depending on the angle you are looking at it.

      A cheaper and probably more robust solution and you can have an audience while you play.

      Sony are trying to get a 3d tv in everyones house

  4. Jon Double Nice

    This just needs to allow for

    Black Ops (or whatever) on one side, plus Corrie/food/celeb channels on the other, with some kind of headphone system that lets each person hear what they want plus room noise mixed in too. I'd buy one.

  5. Greg J Preece

    That TV is genius!

    And the PSP2 is going to be cheaper than a 3DS?? They must lose tons on each one, but I'm not complaining - I wanted one before, now I'm definitely pre-ordering one!

  6. Frederick Tennant

    This is old tech....

    You can find this tech on the range rover now, it was seen on Top Gear. Its one of the better idea's to come out as in the car the driver sees his sat nav, and the passenger can watch there tv or video at the same time. Nothing 3D about it at all.

    1. Helldesk Dogsbody

      Erm, no

      Nope, different tech. The screen type you are referring to uses a parallax barrier to allow one image to be viewed from each direction. AFAIK Alpine and Sharp make 'em for Jaguar and Mercedes as well as the Range Rover.

      This one looks to be using a a high frequency signal and blocking alternate frames via LCD shutters in the glasses. Only problem is that for some of us it acts like a high frquency strobe and gives the mother of all headaches within minutes.

    2. DRendar


      and the passenger can watch THEIR TV or video at the same time

  7. Anonymous Coward

    I also bet

    With this technology if you wear prescription glasses you are pretty much out of luck.

  8. Lab Monkey
    Thumb Up

    I thought you could already do the 3d thing?

    Examples like this:

    Its the best use of a 3D tv i have seen yet!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: I thought you could already do the 3d thing?

      cool, alas not heard of that brand of TV he is using but definitly already does what the sony says it can do.

      Also given how it works, isn't it a case of highlighting passive glasses are better than more expensive active ones and that for any TV that can currently do 3D should with a software update be capable of doing just this already, so in that respect why can't sony update there current 3D TV's to do this

  9. Keir Snelling

    The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

    So, will you require 2 PS3's, both connected to the TV, or will one PS3 be powerful enough to handle the whole gig?

    1. Greg J Preece

      What would be cool... if you could play multiplayer games without having to go split-screen!

      1. Goat Jam
        Paris Hilton


        "if you could play multiplayer games without having to go split-screen!"

        What do you think it's for?

    2. jai

      one PS3 will be powerful enough

      the PS3 can already push 3D movies to a telly, so no reason why it can't handle the double frames of this process.

  10. jai

    multiplayer games?

    I remember back in the day, we used to have loads of friends round, crowded around the original playstation, playing 4 player games (or even up to 8 player Micromachines by sharing the controllers between 2). good times had by all!

    this "advancement" in techology is only going to let 2 people play the game at once. and anyone else in the room isn't going to be able to see a thing that's isn't at best horrible blurred, and at worst a composite of two entirely different scenes overlaid on each other.

    it's a step back in multiplayer enjoyment, because half the enjoyment is for those in the room not currently playing, but waiting for their turn to do better.

    but then, it's a moot point isn't it? there's feck all decent multiplayer games out at the moment that allow 2 or more players on a single machine. they're all geared at multiplayer over the internet

    1. Les Claypool

      Split it twice, no?

      Surely they could still do four player, each side could have split screen, so rather than quartering the screen into mini squares, it is split, twice. Or am I missing something?

      The painstaking process me and my mates went through so nobody could see each other in Goldeneye 64 would have been so much easier. I was always in the Facility toilets anyway though

    2. Lamont Cranston

      "because half the enjoyment is [...] waiting for their turn to do better"

      If memory serves, then no, it really isn't. Gaming is endlessly dull for those not playing (would you volunteer to be the fifth player in an N64 game of Goldeneye?).

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