back to article Hackers jailbreak iOS 5 in under 24 hours

Like clockwork, hackers said they've removed the digital locks in the latest version of Apple's iOS so it will run applications not officially sanctioned by the company. iOS 5 was unveiled on Monday, and a beta version was made available to a limited number of developers. Within hours, members of the iPhone Dev Team posted …


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  1. alwarming

    It time.

    Apple should just sanction an app for jail breaking.

    1. Matt Bryant Silver badge

      RE: It time.

      "Jailbreaking? There's an app for that!"

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Re: RE: It time.

        Preventing jailbreaking? There's a cloud for that.

        I'm sure that's the next salvo in the war. No iCloudy stuff for unleashed devices.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      It's only a tiny fraction of users who bother with jailbreaking. 99.9% of people just don't care.

      1. Zippy the Pinhead

        @ Matt 89

        Most the people I know who have Android phones haven't rooted or hacked theirs either. Just because the majority of the population hasn't done it doesn't mean its not important to us who have.

        1. Mitch Kent
          Thumb Up

          I admit I work in IT, but...

          I know a lot of people with Android phones, and I think about 1/10 people I know *haven't* rooted their phones.

          Coincidentally, both of those own the Wildfire, the "cheap and cheerful" smartphone.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        Re: Why?

        "It's only a tiny fraction of users who bother with jailbreaking. 99.9% of people just don't care."

        It's only a tiny fraction of eligible voters who bother with voting. 99.9% of people just don't care.

        And so on.

      3. Lord Lien

        @ Matt 89

        There are also some geek apps that Apple will not allow on the Iphone.

        Not everyone Jailbreaks their Iphone to install illegal copies of paid for apps..... Just wish Apple would not be to militant on what I can/cant have on my phone.

        Gimp icon.... bring out the gimp!

    3. It wasnt me
      Thumb Up

      They could do....

      .....or they could continue the current game of cat and mouse. In the end the developments that come from it are good for all of us. I'm not saying that I agree that iDevices should be locked down, I don't think they should - I paid for the deive and i'll choose how to use it thaks very much. But security overall will improve faster when driven by need. The techniques developed / learnt as part of this silly game might be usefully employed elsewhere.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        I paid therefore I own

        If you truely owned the device you could do whatever with it but since Apple controls what you can do with it, you don't own it, Apple do.

    4. Anonymous Coward

      Well said!

      Sadly they obviously can't but with dedicated people, who can genuinely use the term "hacker" to describe what they do unlike these pain the arse script kiddies, we will always be able to use devices as useful tools.

      I only want jailbreaking on iphone to allow tethering to my laptop, no way I am paying two tariffs on two devices just get some maps or local interest info when I am away from home. I don't want to rip off your precious apps or games, Mr Jobs, I just want to turn a smart device into an even smarter one.

      Harken! Is that the rumble of Android and WinPho fanbois heading my way to beat their wisdom into me? I'd best be off...

    5. Anonymous Coward

      'Apple should just sanction an app for jail breaking'

      ...but where's the fun in that ?

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  2. Bertram Joseph

    RE: It time.

    It'll never happen. It's Apple after all. They don't bend to the market's or their customers' will.

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Jailbreaking ?

    We have an app for that!

  4. BigDadu

    I get it, but...

    ...I for one quite like the Apple "walled garden". Because of it everything on my iPad just works.

    I'm not a fanboi, I'm vendor agnostic and always will be; but Apple's approach is a good 'un so I don't see the benefit to me of jail breaking my iPad.

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      Makes sense for provider lock in

      Providers (telcos) lock you into their contract for x months/years to amortise the device. I have no objection against that, bar one: when I'm abroad. I don't agree with paying the equivalent of £0.60 per MB when a Pay-as-you-go O2 chip gives me unlimited for £1/day, so that is a direct argument for jail breaking.

      That's lesson 1 of a walled garden: it is not usually focused on *your* benefit..

      1. scarshapedstar


        "That's lesson 1 of a walled garden: it is not usually focused on *your* benefit.."

        So are you a masochist or what?

        Obviously, Apple can eliminate jailbreaking, just like Motorola does with their Android phones. They don't.

        They know that "if you really hate iOS you can jailbreak it" is a solid guerrilla marketing strategy. I wouldn't like my Droid Incredible nearly as much if I weren't able to install CM7 on it, but I knew from day one that it was an option.

        1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

          They cannot eliminate jailbreaking..

          Apple is about making money. What they do is make it hard enough that the majority (read the volume) doesn't bother, which works for them. Aside from that they set some budget aside to feed some lawyers, and that's as far as they will go. It is not profitable for Apple to get too agressive - also because iOS5 proves that the unlocked community comes up with good ideas too.

          So no, I'm not masochistic. I know what I want from what I buy, and I research what I buy. That's also why I don't use a Droid - I know it gathers far more data off me than Apple, I don't like the UI and I don't like it forcing me to log into a Google account before apps work, especially the location features.

    2. The Fuzzy Wotnot

      Tethering above all else, that's why.

      I pay for an allowance for my device from my provider and they only want me to use it with the piddly apps on the phone 'cos they know I will do so only in a dire emergency! Balls to that! I am not buying a separate dongle from the same provider so I can use my more useful laptop, all I have to do is jailbreak the phone and set up tethering. I get a phone and modem for my laptop, I still use the same data allowance and if the telco is really lucky I might use more and pay a premium if really need to.

  5. colinm

    If I were Apple...

    If I were Apple, I'd keep any new anti-jailbreaking plans under wraps until the public iOS 5 release, not add them to a beta and give the jailbreakers a several-month heads-up.

    1. PsychicMonkey


      if they don't add it to the beta how will it get tested?

  6. BristolBachelor Gold badge

    Like clockwork

    So the jailbreaking is more reliable than the clock in iOS? :)

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Re: Like clockwork

      Maybe the hackers can provide a wake-up call service.

  7. finnbarr

    no such exemption

    "The same statute has been invoked in several high-stakes jailbreaking lawsuits involving Sony's PlayStation game console, which enjoys no such exemption."

    As I understand it, the only reason no such exemption exists is that Sony settled out of court with Geohot, fearing that a judge might use the iPhone precedent to exempt the PS3 too?

  8. MarkRBowyer

    This isn't news, sorry

    The Limera1n hack is at the bootrom level - Apple can't patch it without releasing new hardware. Which is why the iPad2 isn't vulnerable to it. iOS5 was always going to be vulnerable, once it was installed on older hardware - including the iPhone4.

    It's also possible to swipe your way through the protections in iOS5 and run it on phones not registered for the developer programme, but they don't work as phones if you do. Wifi only.

    What Apple has fixed is the vulnerability that allowed an unteathered jailbreak on 4.3.3. So right now, the only jailbreak is the teathered one you mention in the article. Waiting on *that* is the only remaining cat and mouse game.

  9. Alan Edwards

    Unlock for iPad 1?

    Is there an unlock solution for the iPad 1 yet? Mine is locked to Three, it would be handy to put a local SIM in when I take it abroad.

    1. Tom 38 Silver badge

      @Alan Edwards

      Are you sure? Have you tried a different micro sim in it?

      If it is truly locked, Three would be the only people able to unlock it for you.

      1. Tom Kelsall

        @Tom 38

        One of the advantages of jailbreaking is that there are tools out there which can unlock your device without carrier intervention. As in all jailbreaking it's against your carrier's policy - but all the same it's possible.

  10. Tom Kelsall

    It's BETA, people...

    iOS has traditionally been easy to jailbreak in beta. This is not news until the release version is issued.

    1. Bear Features


      That's ok then LOL

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