back to article Canadian Conservative Party website defaced

The office of Canada's Prime Minister has rushed to set the record straight after hackers defaced that country's Conservative Party website and planted a press release falsely claiming PM Stephen Harper had been flown to a hospital emergency room after choking on breakfast. “According to staff at the hospital, Harper was …


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  1. E 2

    Funny thing is

    Tory party CA gov't has essentially stonewalled the press regarding the hacks of sensitive gov't systems... but issued an immediate press release stating that Harper is OK, did not choke on his breakfast.

    If Harper had been told that the cook who prepared the hash browns voted Liberal, then he likely would have actually choked and needed medical help. He's just that kind of guy.

  2. Tom 35

    Fooled the news

    It was reported on the radio Tuesday morning, followed by a retraction a few hours later.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Very polite defacement, if you ask me

    Canadian hackers?

  4. Ian Ferguson
    Thumb Up

    Speaking of hacking

    have you seen Lulzsec's latest amusement?

  5. Fehu

    In a related story...

    The web site of the American National Republican Party was defaced by hackers leaving the message "We're not all heartless, spineless, moral degenerates. Just most of us." Republican leaders immediately called for a declaration of war on New Zealand from whence the attack seemed to originate and discussed plans to invade Panama, "because it's closer". Security professionals from several countries were being consulted on how to remove the defacement, because no one had ever bothered to do a backup.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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