back to article Apple releases iTunes 10.3 with beta iCloud

Apple has released a new version of iTunes that ties into a beta incarnation of the company's just announced iCloud web services. iCloud doesn't officially launch until the fall and many of its services won't be available until then, but the new iTunes – version 10.3 – provides access some of the tools announced yesterday under …


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  1. David Kelly 2

    No Click-Through User Agreement

    First time in a forever I have upgraded iTunes and didn't have to go through at least one layer of agreeing yet again to the User Agreement, or two or three.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      RE: No Click-Through User Agreement

      Don't worry it's still there, just try accessing the iTunes Store.

    2. jonathanb Silver badge

      There was for me

      I had to agree to one on my MacBook. My PC is currently saying no update available, so I can't comment on that until the update is fully rolled out.

  2. Chris 3

    Yer what?

    "With iTunes 10.3, all items you purchase from the iTunes store to be automatically downloaded to your other Mac and iOS devices running the app."

    I'm running iTunes 10.3 on a Mac and I've just tried grabbing the free single of the week and a free iBook. Neither have magically appeared on my iOS device, presumably because the functionality won't be baked in until iOS 5.

    1. cpf
      Thumb Up

      You've gotta flip a switch on your device's settings panel

      It's under "Store."

      1. Chris 3

        Many thanks

        Nuff said.

  3. cloudgazer

    alas not quite as advertised

    So far we can't download all purchases, it's limited to Apps, Books & Music within the USA - and only Apps and Books outside the USA.

    I'm really hoping they extend it to video, and outside the US soon - but I guess it will depend on the media firms.

  4. Myopic Aardvark

    Stupid small print

    I was a bit disappointed last night, as the "US Only" part of it was kept in the small print.

    Hoping that by the time Mobile Me is discontinued at the end of June, we will have a global iCloud.

    Otherwise, it's another case of "Global" being west coast of the USA to the east coast of the USA (plus some tiny islands elsewhere).

    Really disappointed that the news agencies and certain sites who report technology news (ahem), didn't point out this rather important part of the announcement (it was the first question asked after the discussion, from what I've now read!)

    1. Adam T

      That's June 2012

      (Just in case you misread the release)

    2. Snapper

      This June?

      I think you'll find that's June 2012 if you look carefully!

      1. Myopic Aardvark

        Ah right

        Thanks for that - yes, I did misread it. Even longer to wait then.

  5. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

    I want to check this first..

    So far I have stayed well away from any "service" offered by any provider who is very keen to get their hands on my contacts - until I can be sure my contacts are not uploaded to some nebulous cloud service with no constraints on abuse it's not going to happen here..

    1. David Cantrell

      Pointless title, which must contain letters and/or digits.

      I too worry about uploading my contacts and diary to Teh Clowd, but not because of security. I worry because it's not clear whether I'll be able to later easily extract all my data and move it to another platform.

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