back to article Xbox 360 sales reach Sony-smashing milestone

Microsoft has revealed it passed the 55m mark for sales of the Xbox 360 console last week, putting it ahead of the PS3 in the overall global sales standing. In the build-up to industry show E3, the company has highlighted a survey by market watcher NPD which apparently shows the Xbox 360 "change the tail" of a typical console …


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  1. Anigel


    The main difference is that you don't have to keep buying the same console over and over again with Sony as they keep dying from various design flaws like they do with the xbox. I know people on their third or fourth 360 where they died due to RROD or other issues

    1. Steven Jack
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      Who buys a new console after RROD?

      I don't know anyone who bought a new Xbox 360 after hardware failure. Microsoft has extended the warrantees so in most cases consoles are replaced for free but even out of warranty last time I checked they charged a fix fee £50 GBP to have a broken one serviced.

      I’ve had my xbox 360 since just after launch, it RROD once, I had it replaced by MS for free and since then it’s been fine.

      So to suggest that Microsoft are only doing well because consoles fail and people buy new ones, is frankly a big pile of poo!

      1. Anigel

        mandatory subject goes ehre to stop the sytem complaining

        Once an xbox has had an RROD repair it is much more likely to suffer the same fault again. Microsoft may now offer an extended warranty for RROD but that was not always the case and it very far from the only dead console issue they suffer. I am saying that as someone who has a ps3 and xbox so I am not just biased against the xbox

    2. Florcz


      I know just as many people with PS3s that have bricked as I do people with 360s that have. The only difference is MS replace them quicker and without quibble.

    3. alexh2o
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      RROD - Really Really Old Discussion!

      Pretty sure the RROD issue died long ago! The new style consoles dont suffer from it - and all the old ones that got it seem to have been sorted. You just dont hear about it being a big problem anymore!

      1. SteveBalmer

        Yes they do.

        They took the red rings away, the error is now called a E74 instead....

        It's still there, and still very common, even on new slim systems.

    4. MegC

      RE: Duplicates

      Yeh... as a PS3 owner on her 4th PS3 because of YLOD's I totally agree... oh, wait... no; no I don't.

      It's well ventilated and mainly used to play BluRay's, if had been an Xbox MS would have replaced / repaired it for free... Sony want close to £100 and they won't even give me an original model in replacement as I actually use the additional functionality like backwards compatability.

    5. SteveBalmer


      My neighbor bought 2 XBox RROD replacements, blissfully unaware of the RROD extended 3yr warranty (and lets remember it's ONLY RROD, any other fault and it's only 1yr). I'm guessing he is far from alone.

      There are many many console failures outside the warranty, as is there are many owners simply upgrading early crappy xboxes with slightly less crappy slim Xboxes.

      This is WHY although Microsoft have sold slightly more Xboxes than Sony have with the PS3, the Xbox userbase is much smaller, because they are reselling to the same users multiple times.

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  3. Anonymous Coward
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    All in the Kinect

    The Kinect makes the XBOX 360 a killer platform. So much fun to be had, they just need some more titles. I still have a PS3, though not logged in to claim my free games yet. PS move controllers are not great compared to the MS kinect. I have both, used the PS controllers a few times, the Kinect a lot more plus friends love to try the dancing.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      kinect for fps....

      how does it work for FPS games? i really enjoyed killzone3 with the psmove and sharpshooter. i just cant imagine the kinekt being very accurate, can it really pick up minute hand movements?

      is it actually good enough to play PROPER games on?

      also, i liked the sports pack sony brought out. does the kinect have the degree of accuracy you can get with the frisbee golf?

      1. Filippo Silver badge

        doubt it

        The psmove can pick up movements that you have a hard time picking up with your eyes. I mean, it noticeably picks up my own heartbeat. The frisbee game would be impossible to do without being able to reliably pick up wrist rotation down in the single degree range, which I doubt kinect can do. Of course, on the other hand, move doesn't pick up anything except your hands. Overall, kinect and move are two wildly different things - there's lots of stuff you can do with one but not the other.

      2. Mr Brush

        No title for you!

        The lack of any buttons to supplement the motion detection is a problem for Kinect.

        Take Wii bowling for example, you release a button to release the ball, the Kinect version has to guess. This translates to a slightly mushy experience in certain types of game.

        A lot of the cool stuff on Kinect Hacks uses a secondary input device such as a WiiMote to get around this limitation.

        That said, my kids jump, dance and run themselves ragged in front of the XBox now, that can only be an improvement (they gave up on the Wii after a week).

  4. Rob
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    Kinect made me trade-in...

    ... well more like my wife did, she likes the Kinect side of things on the Xbox for fitness. I never really played the Wii we had as the games never really grabbed me, there is only so many Mario titles you can buy without being a fanatic.

    Game did a good trade-in for the Wii, all the games and all the accessories we'd bought, ended up being a nice discount on a new Xbox 360 Kinect pack, plus I got to buy a few games I actually play.

  5. JeeBee

    PS3 sales figures?

    Why is there a graph of US sales on a story about worldwide sales?

    And what is the current sales figure of the PS3 anyway?

    1. SteveBalmer


      is about 2m behind the XBox in total sales, but then it launched 16 months after the XBox has amassed 8m sales (so Sony have closed the gap significantly).

      it's a shame this fanboy fueled story doesn't bother to mention that.... But then we all know Microsoft have created a ethos where it's fashionable to hate Sony. (and now Nintendo it seems to, and I am guessing any company that is not American).

      1. Fisher39

        But not as fanboi as....

        creating multiple identities to post made up stories about sony haters?

        C'mon, Carol, Mark, Steve whetver you're name actually is. If you're going to do his sock puppeting thang you really need to alter your style, grammer and habit of ending your post with a reference to an obcure internet site.

        You even make the same errors in grammer.

        As for fanboy fuelled story lets rephrase that as "news report of sales figures fueled story that contradicts my personal predjudice'

        1. Anonymous Coward


          "rant rant rant rant...You even make the same errors in grammer."

          Hey everyone! Apparently ignorance IS bliss!

  6. Robbie

    Depends on what you want out of your console

    I've got the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii. In my opinion, as a home entertainment system (thanks to the inclusion of blu-ray and LOVEFiLM) that facilitates gaming, the PS3 wins. As a dedicated gaming console that offers home entertainment, the 360 wins. I use the Xbox controller on both consoles as Sony's controller doesn't suit me at all.

    I have an original Xbox that was playing up, outside the 12-month warranty. Microsoft collected the unit and replaced the DVD drive free of charge. I still had problems. So Microsoft collected the unit again and replaced the motherboard free of charge. It's still going strong to this day, three years on. No complaints from me.

    1. Andy Jones

      No title!

      If they included worldwide sales it would be a completely different story. Only in the US is the XBox outselling the PS3. Everywhere else the PS3 outsells the XBox - so much that it is catching up with it in overall sales and has outsold it worldwide every month for just over a year.

      VGChartz has worldwide sales from 28th May as:

      XBox - 54 million

      PS3 - 50.5 million

      And the people above who state that a lot of XBox sales are not multiples because of the RRoD, please explain how, despite selling more units than the PS3, the XBox trails the PS3 in installed user base?! What's that, you can't?

      And again with the above comments, it is typical that when you mention that some people have gone through multiple XBox's someone comes along and states that they have gone through severeal PS3's because of the YLoD. This is bullshit and is from a Microsoft fan trying to justify their loyalty to Microsoft, or trying to justify their purchase - or could be one of MS's employees. Yes, the YLoD exists but it affects less than 1 percent of the PS3's. I know multiple people who have had multiple XBox failures, but only one person who has had a PS3 failure due to a faulty power supply - caused by their son just yanking the power out continuously! And just to even things out I also know a lot of people who have not had XBox failures!

  7. whats the point of kenny lynch?

    as much as i hate them....

    the xbox is a great gaming machine...and yes, it's my 2nd one after the RROD. i paid £70 and they replaced in a few days, pretty happy really......

    1. SteveBalmer


      It's a really crappy gaming system.

      It overheats, cost a small fortune to play online over the console life, the games have dried up, and Microsoft have you locked in to their subscription plan.

      You only have to look at Kinect and the game drought, and throwaway jump and wave games that Microsoft is shoveling at it, to see it's a end-of-life console.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: No

        You're absolutely right, the XBox 360 is really crappy.

        Buy a PS3 instead and give us your credit card number.


        1. Anonymous Coward

          Apparently you already have mine...

          ...and have done fuck all with it so far.

          Pfft! Hackers these days...if their brains were dynamite etc. etc.

          1. Anonymous Coward
            Anonymous Coward

            Yeah, well.

            Attacking Sony doesn't mean you need to attack the poor saps who trusted Sony, does it?

            Picking on the little guy was never the idea.

      2. pixie lott's g-string


        mine doesn't overheat anymore, yes it gets warm but it's doesn't seem to start the turbo fans as much.

        How have the games dried up? Have you seen the list of upcoming titles? Ok, they're not that original but there is some great stuff coming up.

        Microsoft locked you in? Eh? That is basic business sense - just like apple, google, sony rah, rah.

        End of life console? The kinect is selling like hot cakes and there's tons of new titles coming out for it....

  8. Anonymous Coward

    tale of 2 things

    yes, Kinect wil undoubtable breathe new life into the platform...but the rise in sales

    is more likely to be because of their extra-cheap xbox360-4Gb box - quite a cheap box...however, should you buy one you'll soon realise how limited that 4Gb is for any online or serious gaming :-(

    Wii has now gone under 90quid for a console with pack-in game (sports resort usually) - so expect sales of that to jump up again too

    1. Rob Beard

      USB sticks

      It's actually now possible to use USB sticks on the XBOX, up to 16GB which would certainly help. I don't see how 4GB is limiting anyway, I mean I have an XBOX 360 Elite (the 120GB one) and I've downloaded loads of demos and even bunged a couple of games on the hard drive because the DVD drive is annoyingly noisy and I've still got a good 40GB free.

      If I get an XBOX 360 Slim (tempted for the kids to use as they've started taking an interest in it) then I'll probably get a couple of 16GB USB sticks and give one each to the kids so they can save their games etc on them.

      I'd say I've got far less space on my PS3 (80GB) after having to install some of the games (Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4 for instance) and then download updates for them too.


  9. Anonymous Coward


    MS have just about managed to bridge the gap in a race they had a 16 month head start on.

    What do they want? A fucking medal?

    1. asdf


      Whats noteworthy is that M$ is competitive in any market outside the winblows/orifice core business. How sad is for Sony that they are still behind the creator of such game changing products like the Zune and the Kin? Howard Stringer is as big a tool as Steve Ballmer and if shareholders really had any power both would have been shown the door long ago.

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