back to article Lara Croft returns in next-gen Tomb Raider title

Lara Croft has returned in (almost) all her glory today, appearing in a promo trailer for the new Tomb Raider game, out next year. With E3 round the corner, Square Enix decided now was a good time to give fans a taste of things to come. And there's no better way of showing off Tomb Raider than with a spot of that age-old fan- …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Nice to see...

    ...those two back on the monitor.

  2. Adam T
    Thumb Up


    About time one of our best loved and ill treated franchises got some decent attention.

    Game could turn out pants, but at least it's got a decent trailer hey. As much as I love the Uncharted games, you can't beat memories of the first Tomb Raider game for a sense of adventure.

    1. whats the point of kenny lynch?

      decent trailer?

      it's crap! too long, too dull and sets nothing up for the game - all style and no substance - and the last game was shite - grand theft auto and call of duty set the levels these days and tomb raider now seems very 1990's.......

  3. Anonymous Coward
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    She's got a DMM Rebel... nice! Not as nice to swing as a Petzl or BD, but it looks cooler and is made in the UK!

    1. Anonymous Coward


      a fellow nut case ;) Roll on Winter please!

  4. nyelvmark

    Bulgarian airbags

    Surely you've got it arse-about-face? You're saying that Angelina Jolie was better-endowed than the original toon? I don't think so. That strange Aussie woman who had 2 liferafts attached (news a few weeks ago) is, but I gather that those are filled with gas, rather than the traditional meat.

    A real version of the original Lara Croft would have had some difficulty with standing up, never mind performing back-flips.

    I still don't know why game reviews at El Reg are classified under hardware, although I can see a slight connection where Lara Croft is concerned.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    get your paws off me, you damned stinking title

    So reinventing the backstory to Lara now are we, wonderful (sense the withering sarcasm)

    I still have the original somwhere & as I recall it goes something like this; little Ms Lara was on her way home from a finishing school when her private plane crashed in some mountain region where she was forced to survive on her wits. She was eventually recued and returned home, but she didnt fit into her life anymore and wanted to adventure & explore, her family tried to control her & failed so they disowned her & cast her out. She then became the tomb raider we all know & love.

    Now lets look at that film again shall we? hmmm I can see the resemblance right away (again use your jedi sense for the sarcasm)

  6. Ralthor

    Nice graphics....

    .... heres to hoping the story doesnt suck ass.

  7. The Grinning Duck


    How much stuff has already crashed on that beach? I swear, if this game involves shooting Polar Bears, I'll be annoyed.

    I will, of course be getting it regardless. Tomb Raider games are like Metallica albums; once you've started by buying the first one, you're compelled to buy them all, even if it's St Anger or Legend.

  8. Wile E. Veteran

    Ms. Jolie's airbags

    were "enhanced" by the use of some Victoria's Secret "push-up" bras according to an interview with her mad available during the pre-release hype phase before the first movie came out. She claimed that at that time she was naturally a "C"-cup but the VS push-ups brought her closer to a "D". I would figure she ought to know what size she wears.

  9. Robert Forsyth

    How / when did we lose the Britishness?

    The website asks for your DOB in US style.

  10. Anonymous Coward
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    Sounds like........

    Clare Forlani doing the vocals on the trailor..

  11. Old Handle

    Never mind the airbags, what about her face?

    That doesn't look like Lara at all. I admit I haven't really played these games since #3 or 4, so maybe the design change has been gradual, and realize she's supposed to be younger in this one. Never the less, comparing it to the early games (and associated promotional material), I don't think I could have determined that was it was supposed to be the same person if they hadn't told us.

    1. t3hOutlaw


      This is an intended REBOOT of the series.

      Forget all that has happened so far, it's being scrapped. In turn Square Enix has decided to go with a more realistic Lara. (smaller chest, fashion sense etc etc) Just take what you see and apply what I've just said here. You'll understand much better then..

      1. K.o.R

        Square-Enix and fashion sense?

        Having played Final Fantasy games, I can conclude these two items are most assuredly exclusive of one another.

      2. Old Handle

        I don't see the point

        If they want to start from scratch, why not... start from scratch? Invent a new character. Obviously they're hoping the name recognition will help them out, but when your new product is completely different form the old one, that can actually work against you. People who didn't like the first one won't buy it, and people who liked the first one will buy it, and then tell everyone it sucked because it wasn't what they expected.

  12. Marvin the Martian

    It looks like

    Somebody's recently seen "The girl with the dragon tattoo" and poured some of that sauce over the designs. Not as concentrated though.

  13. Antoinette Lacroix

    Oh Noes

    I've played every TR game several times, and even got used to the screen oriented controls, but the last 2.5 D platform hopper was more than I could bear. I bet Square Enix will ruin the whole francise.

  14. Citizen Kaned


    i liked the last proper gextgen version. didnt even bother with the spin-off 2d scroller thing. thats not lara!

    i think the drake games have superseded them though!

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Hold on!

    My Missus was big fan of the games on the original PS, something bollocks about female empowerment and female game characters and role models, anyway I thought Miss Croft had died at the beginning of the fifth installment from Eidos?

    Given the subject matter, the story lines were hardly James Joyce and my attention was obviously distracted, so I may be wrong!

    ( Personally I always enjoyed Dead or Alive myself, for the "airbags" angle, the animation was better! "Yes dear, I am researching martial arts in video games, this one needs a bit more study methinks, it's ripe with symbolism!" )

  16. Anonymous Coward

    Well, if a game ain't on Linux...

    ...I ain't interested any more.

    1. Citizen Kaned

      oh well....

      you will have to get used to a distinct lack of titles over the coming years.

      isnt there a way to run directx games under linux?

      1. nyelvmark

        isnt there a way to run directx games under linux?

        It's not about DirectX. Many games can use either that or OpenGL. But if it's a game written for Windows, it won't run on Linux.

        There's something called WINE (WINE Is Not an Emulator). It's an emulator. It probably won't work well enough for games.

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