back to article Singing Duke set to Nukem dead

In the build up to the game's release, we've seen all sorts of Duke Nukem hype, from videos of turds being slung around, to flash games with stripping page 3 models. Now, less than two weeks before launch, it turns out the Dukester may drop his hard-man look in favour of a melodic croon. Game publisher 2K certainly kept that …


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  1. Graham Lockley

    Singing Duke ?

    Gotta be 'Duke of Earl'

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fixed that for you.

    "In the build up to the game's release, we've -rehashed- all sorts of Duke Nukem hype,"

  3. Richard Jukes

    June 10th?

    Its being released on June 10th you say? But what year?...

  4. Anonymous Coward


    (This flash was made in 2004, btw)

    Seriously, if Duke does break into this song in the game, it will be the most awesome shout-out to fans, ever!

  5. Ben Naylor

    This is the title...

    Good low can they go? (and no, please don't give us Duke Nukem Limbo too!)

    1. Elmer Phud


      The more perfume they splash on the product the more I smell shit. Why all the hype if the product is any good?

      Don't people just download porn if they want a wank or is it more acceptable if the tits are in a game format. So far I've seen nothing but 14 year olds creaming themselves at the thought of some possible pussy in a game. They seem to have forgotten about any gameplay or that they have been hooked like fish drawn to a spinning lure - 'trolling' I believe it's called.

      1. Stef 4

        @ Phud

        Your comment raises the question: What are you doing hanging around with a bunch of 14 year olds?

        Personally I loved Duke 3D when it came out as it was groundbreaking.

        But 4Ever is just coming across as guns for the sake of it, and I am not a fan of Painkiller. I get so little time to play games these days that I need to pick carefully. I will give the demo a blast and hope I am proved wrong (I would love to be proved wrong).

        I am sure that Duke already sang karaoke in Duke 3D, but its been a good 10 years since I played it.

        1. Elmer Phud

          slight correction

          I was referring to the comments on here and other Duke related threads.

          What may well be adults getting all gooey at the thought of a pair of on-screen knockers seems to be driving them, not 'What's the game like'.

      2. Alan Bourke


        What hype?

        Compared to other AAA titles there's been very little over the 15 years, even since the reincarnated version was announced. 3d Realms hardly uttered a dickie bird about it over that time. Mass speculation by fans and press isn't the same as hype.

  6. Phil Standen

    Smack my bitch up?

    Or maybe I kissed a Girl by Katy Perry?

  7. Thomas 18

    Hope its as good as Daikatana


  8. nichomach

    A Little Less Conversation...

    ...A Little More Action?

  9. Alien Doctor 1.1

    Ghetto Twiinz

    Dukey Dukey F/Dirty

  10. Tegne
    Paris Hilton

    From all the hype about multiplayer Capture the Babe

    Smack my Bitch up by the Prodigy.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Stranglers


  12. Graham O'Brien

    My way ...

    ... because everyone who can't sing does that one.

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Less hype

    Just release the effing game.

    PS: will I need to upgrade my 386 to play it?

  14. eeCyaJ
    Thumb Up

    Let the Eagle Soar -

    Duet with John Ashcroft.

  15. Cazzo Enorme

    Duke Karaoke

    Killed By Death - Motorhead

    Big Man With A Big Gun - Nine Inch Nails

  16. Robert Sneddon


    The Dukester sang "Born to be Wild" in the last game. Badly. Really really badly. I expect he won't change his tune.

  17. Alien Doctor 1.1

    Hmmm - not my fault you asked for it... (I apologise, I suppose)

    Simon & Garfuckel "A Most Peculiar Man"

    Eamon - Fuck It

    Eddie Cochran - I've Waited So Long

  18. Pirate Dave Silver badge


    Metallica's "Damage, Inc"

    Iron Maiden's "Powerslave"

    Megadeth's "High Speed Dirt"

  19. philbo

    What'll Duke sing?

    Can only be:

    Barbie Girl

    1. philbo

      I've changed my mind

      ..anything by Justin Bieber

      Mine's the one with the Kunt and the Gang CD in

  20. Ugotta B. Kiddingme
    Thumb Up

    "Ice, Ice, Baby"

    because that would be SO very very bad it would be awesomely funny.

  21. Robert Helpmann??

    The Duke sings Duke (Ellington, that is)

    How about "Stomping At The Savoy" or perhaps "Downtown Uproar" or even "Bang-Up Blues."


  22. Robert Helpmann??

    The Duke sings Duke (Ellington, that is)

    How about "Bang-Up Blues" or "Blood Count?" No, stick with the classics: "Mack The Knife."

    Another delay and he should sing "Don't Get Around Much Anymore."

  23. Rick Brasche

    there's historical precedent for singing bad@sses though

    it's not like the Dukester is wimping out here. Remember the Rat Pack and Frank Sinatra crooning to make the womenfolk all gooey...but also being the racecar driving, hard partying, brawling, Mafia-circle paragons of all things Manly.

    Preordering on Steam tonight. To be honest, I don't care if it's a normal FPS wrapped in a universal Dukegasm. I liked Borderlands even though the hoity-toity reviewers panned that game as well.

    As long as it isn't a Daikatana, or has more system-crashing bugs than Fallout 3, I'll be happy.

    Sad icon is saddened by the loss of the longest running vaporware joke in history.

  24. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Only one good choice

    I did it MY way

  25. Winkypop Silver badge

    Game might turn out to be crap...

    ...but I'll still buy it.

    It's Duke FRIKKIN' Nukem!!!

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