back to article Logitech Z906 5.1 surround speakers kit

Thinking of upgrading your PC’s speakers or just want a low cost surround sound set up for use with a TV and games console? Then Logitech might have what you’re after with the Z906, the follow up to the company’s popular Z-5500 system. Logitech Z906 Making connections: Logitech's Z906 The Z906 is a THX-certified 5.1 set up …


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  1. Peter Kay


    After all this time I expected more from the successor to the Z5500 (which I've owned for years). It has more inputs, but the LCD display on the Z5500 was clearly far superior.

    It's also a disappointment that the sub can't be more than 2.5M from the controller - the sub is absolutely huge and not always easy to place the requisite distance from anything electrical

    There's no mention of compatibility with Dolby Prologic (which is old, true, but used by older game consoles and other devices - the Z5500 works fine with a Gamecube)

    It's telling that every single review of the Z906 on Logitech's site is negative. To their credit, at least they've not taken them down..

    Logitech, what were you smoking when you designed this?

  2. noroimusha


    same thing wont happen probably with this spartan looking control pod as with the z5500 ( backlight died )

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Over £300 is 'low cost'?

    Same world; different planet.

  4. Peter McGinn


    It seems to me that surround systems for PC's have not moved an inch in over 10 years. I still have my Logitech Z-680 - which IMHO is still the Shizzle.

  5. Tom 38

    Z-5450 here

    Looks like one of the problem logitech have with these speaker sets is that they are quite good and durable. I got my Z-5450 (wireless Z-5500, less beefy sub) for £200 on TCR over 4 years ago, and it still works perfectly, although the backlight is a bit iffy.

  6. Stuart Archer
    Thumb Down


    I've had a set of the old Z-5400's for 6 years now, and haven't had a single issue nor a reason to upgrade. It feels like a major setback on these new sets to have disposed of the LCD display - I find this really useful. As there is no significant advantage in connectivity options for this over the older sets, plus that really Marmite control box, these can't tempt me to upgrade!

    1. NoOnions

      Z-5400 as well

      Same as Stuart has said - the LCD display is fine on my Z-5400s and I'd miss it if I ever had to replace it.

      To top it all off, I got my speakers (brand new) from a surplus store on-line - I only paid £65 for them (less than three years ago).

      Even assuming the new model sounds as good as my current set-up, over £300 is a lot of money IMHO.

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