back to article Sony restores PlayStation Network in full

Sony has announced all PlayStation network functionality – including access to the PlayStation Store – will be fully restored by the end of the week. While a few areas in Asia will still have features missing - namely countries with very protective regulatory bodies - those of us in the UK can finally get shopping again. This …


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  1. NoneSuch Silver badge

    If you have a leaky boat

    simply bailing does not solve the bigger problem. It just delays the inevitable.

    We will see more PSN security issues in the future because the larger the organization, the less flexible it is. Sony failed twice before and three times (or more) is in the cards.

    1. Gerhard Mack

      doesn't need to be large

      As soon as it handles financial info it has to be PCI-DSS compliance and that adds so much paperwork to each update that it becomes easier just to delay security updates.

  2. Mark Broadhurst


    Just in time.

    I'm sure its a coincidence.

    Coze they would have got crucified if they hadn't.

  3. Gary F

    About bloomin' time too!

    How long has it taken them? Feels like months. It's shambolic that they couldn't restore services sooner given the number of cutting edge specialists they can afford to hire and the firewalls etc they can put in place. If it were a small company then I'd understand why it would take them so long to get back on their feet (lack of resources and finance) so Sony need to grovel hard. My Xbox 360 has had lots of use in the last month and my 4 year old seems to have found more child and family friendly games on the Xbox.

    1. OldBiddie

      I reckon

      It just shows how much of a shambles the security of the network was in for it to take this long to get it up to scratch. Assuming they now, in fact, have made it up to scratch.

    2. DrXym Silver badge

      Is it a surprise?

      Think of all the services n PSN

      Sign on

      Password management

      Account management / New account setup

      Credit card / points management


      3rd party single sign on (e.g. Netflix, iPlayer, Hulu, games etc.)

      Other 3rd party services, e.g. Facebook integration

      Messaging / Voice / Video chat


      Firmware updates service


      Qriocity front end

      Qriocity streaming

      PSN+ subscription service

      PSN Store native PS3

      PSN Store native PSP

      PSN Store PC / Media Go

      PSN Download servers (possibly geolocated for performance)

      Load balancing

      Game servers for all Sony games

      x3 all of the above for each region.

      They had to go physically relocate all the hardware, bring all the network back up, security harden it, and go live again. While you can slag off Sony for the breach (though details are still not forthcoming), it is no surprise it has taken so long to bring itself up once the extent of the issue was disclosed. From Sony's perspective I guess they don't want to bring it up and see it all collapse again so they phased it with the non-commercial stuff first and later PSN. The interesting part will be to see how the service copes when everyone goes to grab their free games.

  4. Dan 57


    Because i have not been able to reset my PSN password for the last 24hrs because the reset service is "undergoing maintenance".

    1. Andy Jones


      That's odd then because I managed to reset my password on Saturday! I did it on the website.

  5. TeeCee Gold badge

    So it's up now?

    Are you running a sweep on how long this time?

    1. Elmer Phud

      Additional bet

      "While a few areas in Asia will still have features missing "

      Which is to be first - it all going back down again or those still concerned about security getting an answer?

    2. Thomas 4

      I'll see some of that action

      Put me down for "stays up for ever and ever because Sony is an infallible company that takes the security of its customers details far above clawing its way out of the red".

  6. Anonymous Coward

    1 step forward, 2 steps back?

    Well, the planned maintenance for today is already postponed (no news on when it's postponed to, mind) and @Lulzsec are now tweeting they are planning another Sony "operation" within 24 hours (allegedly).

  7. Luke Armstrong

    o rly?

    Did you actually check before writing this article?

    I still can't access the PSN store directly or via LA Noire. Infact accessing the "Downloadable Content" screen on LA Noire causes it to lock the entire system up so it doesn't respond to anything but being turned off.

    I've completed the game and all I want to do is download the pre-order bonus content, but alas I can't as everything goes through PSN. Hopefully the past couple of months will encourage game developers to host their own content on their own servers.

    1. asdf

      no longer the case

      > will encourage game developers to host their own content on their own servers.

      Pretty sure now Sony requires developers to only host their games on Sony's servers (sure M$ requires). I guess one edge to PC is its not a locked down walled garden set up only to monetize your paying sheeple.

    Thumb Up

    psn rules

    i was also affected buy the psn been down luckily i didnt enter any credit details in the psn so im ok i did change my password after it was restored so hopefully my account is safe with no idiot hackers. i will never leave sony despite this intrusion i do wish they would find the culprats and sue the buggers.

  9. Jolyon Smith

    "Details are yet to be formalised..."

    Really, Reg, your coverage of this story is embarrassingly bad.

    The PlayStation Network "Welcome Back Program" was formally announced back on 17th May - 2 whole weeks ago. For sure, the services required to take advantage of the offers in that program may only just be coming back online, but the "details" sure as heck have been formalised AND publicised.

    Never let the facts get in the way of trying to give Sony a good old fashioned kicking, eh ?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    the title lies!

    title says 'Sony restores PlayStation Network in full' - but actually no. as the first bit of the article says, they hope to get it back online and working by the end of the week. a couple of weeks ago the basic user-admin part was up so I could change my password ...but no online gaming or purchase and

    thats still the case.

    I'd say drop this article until PSN is actually back up!

    there have now been 3 bank holiday weekends...ideal times for some catching up with gaming...that Sony have denied their users :-(

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sony back online...

    ...until the next hack occurs

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