back to article Danes ban busty babes, Oz okays for teens

Australia’s gaming rating confusion has been highlighted yet again with the revelation that a Nintendo game, withdrawn from sale in Sweden, Denmark and Norway due to child pornography concerns, is on sale in Australia with a PG rating. The country's usually hawk-eyed puritans, so easily disturbed that a shirtless child is …


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  1. LaeMing

    Very confusing:

    Nudity okay, violence bad. It's the complete opposite the American Way(TM). How will we all cope without our heads exploding!

  2. LaeMing

    Oh, and ninthly...

    I don't think it is confusing at all - Australia* thinks small boobs (on a female of any age) is child porn. So big boobs (on a female of any age) is obviously not. QED.

    *For certain values of "Australia" only.

  3. Jon Smit

    Not another Aus centric non-story

    Either The Reg has something against Aus or you've got shares in the place.

    Why some many articles from Australia?

    1. LaeMing


      we just leave ourselves wide-open for international ridecule.

      Redership geo-data might also answer it, but it is probably the above.

    2. Neoc

      Oz Stories

      Because they opened a local office here earlier this year ( ), hence the increase in Oz-related stories.

  4. shumbadrinker

    i dont get it

    So the idiot conroy wants to filter the internet in Australia to supposedly stop child porn, but doesn't have a problem with this. Either he is more incompetent that suspected (which is a hard ask) or he has another reason for wanting to filter the internet. Maybe a bit of both

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Child porn?

      Or, quite possibly, for once the aussie censors haven't overreacted to pixellated upskirt views of busty, "under 18 year old", non-existent computer "females"? From what I can tell from other news sources, this is about as close to child porn as McDonalds is to real food.

  5. Steve Brooks

    age confusion

    So if the protagonists hadn't been mentioned as being under 18 there would have been no problem. So all Nintendo need to do is change the game description and ages and the content automatically becomes non-child porn. Which is where I have a problem, to be child porn something has to be recognisably child porn WITHOUT having to be told the ages of the people involved.

  6. rodwac


    No game has ever been banned here in Denmark. We´re the ones who keep printing pictures of the "prophet" in the name of free speech, remember? We were publishing porn, when you were still living in caves.

    This must be some kind of Nintendo marketing campaign or The Register just reporting on a rumour.

    Here's a handfull of shops selling the game:

    Anyway, I'm out of here. So long!

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