back to article Honda security breach exposes 283,000 customers

Honda's Canadian division has suffered a data breach that exposed the personal information of 283,000 customers, according to its website and published media reports. The purloined data includes the names, addresses and vehicle identification numbers of customers who made purchases in 2009. The company is warning customers to …


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  1. Anteaus

    Not another....

    Methinks the EU and other bureaucratic institutions have completely the wrong focus in controlling trivia like cookies. There needs to be an investigatory process for sites which leak bulk quantities of contact details. This is far more important. Needless to say, where negligence is proven to have been the key factor, there should be 'subtle' discouragements to repeat occurrences.

    Meanwhile, it shows the advisability of using a throwaway email address for these kinds of signups.

    1. Simon Neill


      Screw cookies, there is a perfectly good "reject cookies" button built into my browser already.

  2. rsm1979

    Becoming routine

    These data breach stories are becoming more common these days, but I have to wonder if it's because the companies are being more honest or they are getting hacked more...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      probably both.

      Companies never get more honest, they get compelled by governments.

      I just hope these aren't all RSA-related breaches.

  3. jake Silver badge

    Only two in 6 months?

    That makes Honda how much more secure than Sony, exactly?

    Honestly ... These idiots need help. Big help.

  4. Doug Glass

    Maybe ...

    ...we all need to be anonymous in one fashion or another. Right Anonymous?

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why the delay, and why no uproar?

    Sony got major flak for waiting a few days to tell people about the security breach, yet Honda waits almost 3 months and I've yet to see any negative press about it.

    1. doperative

      re: Why the delay, and why no uproar?

      Honda sells motorbikes while Sony is a leading technology company ..

  6. captain veg Silver badge


    I bought a Honda bike in 2009.

    On the way out this morning, I noticed a Honda-branded envelope on the door mat.

    But I live in France.

    Is this really just about Canada?



    Why trust Honda?

    As someone who's info was breached...I have NO faith in Honda or in the claim they make in how much and which type of data was taken....especially as this happened in February, discovered in March with notification going out some 10+ weeks later? (letter dated May 13th - received May 25th)

    Contrary to Honda's very late notifications and press release...ALL info pertaining to my vehicle or myself can be used for fraud purposes and or identity theft.

    If anyone is aware of a class-action or would like to start one with me...please contact me at:

    Thank you

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