back to article NetApp gloats over storming fourth quarter

With a storming fourth quarter and year NetApp's 2011 fiscal year revenues grew 30 per cent as the company revelled in its server virtualisation storage business. It recorded fourth quarter revenues of $1.43bn, up from $1.27bn a year ago and 11 per cent sequentially. Net income was $160.6m, up from $145.1m a year ago. The full …


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  1. Radek
    Thumb Up

    Well done NetApp! :)

    Bloody well done!

    1. Alex McDonald 1

      Thanks, from NetApp bod

      Thanks; appreciated

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Tough act to follow

    I suspect this will be a tough set of results for NetApp to follow next period, as a lot of this revenue was stuff that they couldn't ship last period due to supply constraints. Last quarters bad news is this quarters good news.

  3. dikrek

    NetApp keeps delivering

    Hi all, D from NetApp here (recoverymonkey,org).

    Thanks for the article.

    And to mr. Anonymous that thinks it's a tough act to follow:

    Competitors have been saying that about our earnings for years, "They'll never do that again next year!" is a phrase oft-repeated.

    However, NetApp keeps growing a lot year over year.

    We must be doing something right...


  4. StorageJunkie

    The competition can't boast an integrated product set

    As long as NetApp keeps an integrated product offering, the competition, with their multiple product families, can't touch it.

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