back to article Telcos team to test '4G' in Cornwall

BT and Orange/T-Mobile owner Everything Everywhere will be trialling LTE mobile connectivity later this year, in Newquay. The area, favoured by surfers, will presumably soon get the thumbs-up from web surfers too. Ahem. Both partners are calling the trial a test of 4G technology, though there's no discussion as whether the …


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  1. 7-zark-7


    I think you'll find Cornwall divorced Newquay in around 1995 citing irreconcilable differences. Newquay still denies any problem with the relationship and insists it is still "as Cornish as ever."

    The rest of Cornwall disagrees saying, "We used to get on so well with Newquay. It was beautiful, funny and charming, but things just change. Now it has really dumbed down and hangs around with a different crowd. Imagine having Jeremy Kyle as a neighbour and he is shouting in your face.........for ever. You can understand why we divorced."

    The rest of the county is currently considering court action against the north coastal town banning it from ever getting in contact again.

    Relationship counsellors have set up blind dates between Essex and the estranged sea-side town. Essex was keen and thought Newquay was 'a good laugh' but Newquay just wants to be with Cornwall dispite all objections.

  2. Mike Tree


    The area on your map is unlikely to be popular with surfers, as it has no coast-line.

  3. druck Silver badge


    And it's well outside the town, covering a population which must almost be in to the dozens.

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