back to article BT and EE join together for Cornish LTE

BT and Everything Everywhere are working together to build a trial network in Cornwall, providing fixed and mobile internet access over the same network and via the same infrastructure. That infrastructure, comprising two base stations, will cover 25 square kilometres around the Cornish village of St Newlyn East. BT said that …


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  1. Chad H.


    No good for those Pirates In Penzance if its only 2Mbps.

  2. GCHQ3


    "2Mb/sec (which is a lot when you're in Cornwall)"

    I used to get 15Mb/sec download and 1Mb/sec upload when I lived in Cornwall. Plenty for video, screen sharing and other technical stuff that let me work remotely for so long.

    More of those kinds of speeds for the Cornish economy please

  3. Aaron Trevena

    You've never been to cornwall then?

    2 Mb/sec is about average for most people in cornwall - I get that in a village 3 miles from Truro.

    There's also the "superfast" broadband areas here with FTTC and we have Fibre to our shiny new office at Pool Innovation Centre that's faster than any London office I've worked in.

  4. Sandtreader

    2Mb/sec (which is a lot when you're in Cornwall) - until tomorrow!

    We already have Superfast pilot areas in Cornwall running with FTTC at 40Mbit/sec; full rollout with FTTP and FTTC to be announced tomorrow - see, Twitter #sfcornwall.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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