back to article Twitter buys Tweetdeck for $40m – report

Microblogging service Twitter has reportedly purchased Tweetdeck, a client platform popular among Tweeters, for $40m. The deal has not yet been confirmed by the companies, but CNN – without naming its sources – reports that papers were signed yesterday. Speculation regarding a deal had been rife for weeks. The reported price …


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  1. calagan

    Better focus on the iOS and Android versions

    ... Because any software relying on (soon-to-be Microsoft) Adobe Air is not a good long-term investment.

    1. James Dunmore


      They appeared to have stopped working on the AIR desktop version, and forking from the android version (wrt. functionality - I have no idea about the code behind it) - hence chrome deck, then the next version will be just browser based I believe.

      Twitter buying tweetdeck makes sense, as it's a much better offering than anything they've done.

  2. twunt


    Whoever has it now, please sort out the ipad version and make it sync with the desktop and phone apps!

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