back to article Sony brings multi-gadget gaming to PSP and PS3

Sony is launching a PSP Remaster series, porting selected PSP titles to the PS3, some with support for stereoscopic 3D, and upgraded to HD. Not merely an exercise in re-purposing games, the series will allow gamers to share saved game data between devices, allowing games to stop playing on the PS3 and begin playing on the PSP …


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  1. The Fuzzy Wotnot

    So just like the movies then!

    Why bother going out and hiring genuinely talented people to write good quality original games when you can just rehash some old crap, make a pot load and don't have to license anything from anyone else. Sony shareholders are quids in and gamers who bought into the systems get dumped on.

    Sony are just getting truly expert at alienating their fanbase.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      re: So just like the movies then!

      Sorry Sir, but I will have to strongly disagree with you. Remastering old games isn't a bad thing in my objective and biased view, but a good thing for those who never played them and those who wish to revisit them.

      example: Half life, is being remade into a new game called " Black Mesa", HL is a big game and many of the new comer (who were too young to play it, or didn't play it back in the day) would be interested in playing it. But considering the graphics you get with today's games, it is unfair to expect them to enjoy the original game. The graphics difference between HL and HL2 is _large_ and only a remake could bring it back so that new player can enjoy it. This apply to many old games like Final Fantasy 7.

      The game shown in the article isn't an old game, I'll give you that, but remastering those games and bringing them to a better platform can't be a bad thing no matter what you try to say.

  2. Dirk Vandenheuvel


    Let's camouflage this as an amazing new feature while we recycle games and sell them to you again.

  3. MikeyD85


    Why bitch about this now of all times? Just look at the Xperia Play games...

    as for "Save to Cloud"... my Xbox has been doing that for years...

  4. Miek

    Not buying!

    I'm not buying any more games from the PS store as you can not resell them when finished. Furthermore, what's the point of putting PSP games on the PS3 (other than for Sony to re-sell games you already have) . I wanted a mobile version of Mushroom wars, which would make a pretty good PSP game, but, there's no PSP version. In general it would make more sense to produce games already available on the PS3 available for the PSP.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      "I'm not buying any more games from the PS store as you can not resell them when finished."

      huh? you mean can resale games you bought from other _digital_ stores after you have finished playing them?

This topic is closed for new posts.

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