back to article Microsoft squeezes out Windows Phone Mango details

Microsoft's next update to Windows Phone ties handsets even more tightly into the company's online services while stitching together Facebook with Redmond's email and instant messaging. Codenamed Mango, the next Windows Phone operating system upgrades Hubs for Office and Xbox, the company said in a Tuesday webcast. The new …


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  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    mis-read gives rise to tiresome joke

    <misquote There's still no word for Mango, beyond "Fail". />

    1. Conrad Longmore


      Actually, that's exactly how I read it the first time and thought "well, that's a bit harsh..". But only a *bit*.

      Srsly, there's a lot riding on this though. Neither Microsoft or Nokia can afford this to fail. Other manufacturers really don't give a damn one way or another.. and I note that the manufacturers announcing new WP7 handsets aren't exactly top tier - Fujitsu, ZTE and Acer.

  2. Philippe

    Why bothering with reporting this

    At the last quarterly count Windows Mobile + Windows Phone OS represent 3.8% market share.

    Who cares?

    So they'll get multi tasking sometimes in Q3. Great stuff.

    Welcome to 2008

    1. foo_bar_baz
      Jobs Halo

      Sir, please enlighten

      What's the "should be reported" threshold? At ~7% of market share (Mac OS X)?

      Journalists should avoid up and coming players and future trends, and only report on the current big players. Yeah, sounds like a good plan.

      1. asdf


        >Journalists should avoid up and coming players and future trends

        I thought we were talking about Microsoft. What up and coming and future trends are you talking about? More like all the past trends such their first attempt at tablet computing as well as the Zune and the Kin.

        1. foo_bar_baz


          What would the Reg write about if they couldn't report on tech industry failures? :)

  3. M Gale

    Letters and/or digits.

    "Microsoft's love affair with digital rights management (DRM) for documents continues with Mango: you will be able to set permissons on email that stop people from forwarding or printing things such as embarrassing or compromising company memos and plans."

    Because a camera can't take pictures of a screen. Oh no.

  4. amanfromearth

    I don't want to prejudge ..

    But that looks sh1t. text doesn't fit on the screen, and the design looks like an orange advert

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    Big fail?

    MS does brilliant stuff. World class research and all that.

    Then it fragments it into many pieces (how many depends upon the granularity of the theme).

    Apple picks up lots of those pieces and makes them whole again.

    Therein is the difference?

    1. asdf

      M$ badly needs a skunkworks

      >MS does brilliant stuff. World class research and all that.

      >Then it fragments it into many pieces

      Funny how that happens when you have thick layer of sociopath middle management defending little fiefdoms with massive infighting at the expense of the overall company. Nokia and M$ are birds of a feather.

  6. Trib
    Thumb Up

    Can't wait

    It all looks good to me. iPhone and Android users want to poo-poo WP7 just because it is a Microsoft product, but I think they are comming on strong with this release. Yes, WP7 is comming from behind, I don't think this is a surpise to anyone, but I think the worry is that it will catch up.

    And of course, we know that the Apple and Google fanbois can stand the thought that Microsoft could actually make a good product.

    1. Anonymous Coward


      If you live in a country where XBox Live and Phone Marketplace doesn't work because it's not available in the country for some half-assed reason, you'd poo-poo it too.

    2. hplasm


      I think the word you want regarding WinPho is probably 'Conning'

  7. Little Poppet
    Thumb Up

    Windows Phone now on par with the competition

    ... give or take a few omissions and a few additions which other don't have.

    Agree with Trib, Apple and Google will most definitely learn and perhaps borrow a few innovations here. They'd be foolish not to.

    The problem with Android and iOS is that these OS' don't have the built-in deep integration that Windows Phone has from the start. It's this deep integration which is WP trump card.

  8. Paul Shirley

    email only Microsoft software can even see

    "you will be able to set permissons on email that stop people from forwarding or printing things"

    Translation: you'll be able to wrap email up so tight no-one else can even read it.

    Well, I suppose that might interest companies and drive some corporate sales from RIM to WP7... the tweeters, facebookers and other social media users don't seem to care about security or privacy and won't even notice this feature. So not much chance of attracting casual users.

    And it still looks far too ginger.

    1. stim

      it's an option..

      i think you'll find this is an 'option' so not only will you attract the business customers who want to enable it, but you will also attract the consumers who can leave it off.

  9. Mikel

    There were a lot of WP7 HW launch partners too

    For some odd reason most of them have yet to release phones.

    1. MN

      Fact check time

      MS had 5 launch partners with WP7 - Dell, Asus, Samsung, HTC and LG. All but Asus have released phones, and Asus provided the pre-launch devices sent out to the media.

      If you're going to troll, at least use something subjective to troll with.

      1. asdf

        heard the one about the troll and shill?

        Ok M$ marketing drone shill you continue to defend your cash cow. The rest of us will get on judging M$ consumer goods as a mixed bag where caution is advised (Xbox ok failure rate aside, zune and kin most definitely not)

      2. GrantB

        Fact check time?

        Dell - they made a Win7 phone? Must have missed it as it appears to sunk without a trace. They are also AWOL from the list of Mango HW partners so possibly have already given it up.

        Samsung, HTC and LG; all of whom have churned out millions of Android phones, with Win7 phones being a sideline - they probably get paid by MS to make a few.

        Asus - why would they bother producing a Win7 phone now?

        Question remains; even if you wanted a Win7 phone (and it seems the market is prefering Win6.5 devices or anythign else to Win7), why not wait now until Mango ready hardware is out?

        Given that even minor Win7 phone updates appear to have taken months and months to slowly leak out, I wouldn't trust that Mango is going to be out anytime soon on existing devices.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Paris Hilton

    @ Trib

    MS does make good products it's just that because of IP models they are sold by non-MS organisations?

    Example: your OEM supplied OS is not a MS product. It is an OEM product no?

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    with recent market share figures showing WP6 with more sales

    that headline remind me of sitting on the toilet. Maybe flashbacks from the brown Zune.

  12. stim
    Thumb Up

    WP7 rocks

    WP7 is by far the best phone i have ever used - my Samsung Omnia 7 is just AWESOME...

    i can't wait for Mango, it's going to make an already excellent product even better.

    (and the best thing about it is that it's NOT an iPhone! woohoo... i don't feel like a sheep! - i did though, when i owned one briefly).

    1. hplasm

      Not a sheep.

      But a

      1. Pseu Donyme



      2. stim


        not sure i'm trolling as it's actually a WP7 article!!! (u own iphone, right?!)

  13. Ocular Sinister

    I have very little experience of smart phones...

    ...but having seen friends fumble and struggle with both an iPhone and an HTC Android I can honestly say that these devices have a long way to go before I would want one. In that sense the market is wide open - if someone comes up with a platform that is stable, reliable, fast and intuitive (none of the current platforms achieve all of these) then the incumbents will be in for a hard time.

    Whether WinPhone is that platform, I can not say - I've not had any experience of it at all. It is clear to me, though, that Google and Apple need to step up several gears if they are to stay ahead. Microsoft has some 40 billion and it is not beyond them to literally start buying customers - whether that is phone networks, manufacturers or end users - to get their product to the No.1 slot. I say this as someone who is not a great fan of MS as a warning: Do not underestimate Microsoft.

    1. Zane

      ...I guess so yes

      Interesting observation but I guess statiscally irrelevant.

      In my environment, non-techies can operate iPhone/iPad/Android much better than technicians.

      Even worse, still 100% of the people I know who use Windows Mobile would switch to iPhone if they could. Just found another representative of this species last week.

  14. Steven Knox


    Still no internal memory encryption, without which WP7 is pretty much useless for business.

  15. Zane

    The Reg ad says it all

    And as we are on the subject....

    Has anyone clicked the "Get the register on the move" ad?

    The ad itself says "Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows".

    When you click it, it has links for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and the rest...

    Draw your own conclusion.

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