back to article Modern Warfare 3 teaser trailer reveals terror on the tube

Activision has released the first full length trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, confirming rumours that the game will be set in familiar cities such as London and New York. Here's the video: May the hype continue. I wonder if there'll be another controversial level like the Russian airport mission in MW's …


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  1. Richard Wharram
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    No thanks.

    Given that Black Ops is STILL unplayable on many PCs (including mine) I think I'll skip this.

    1. Greg J Preece

      Different developer

      Black Ops == Treyarch

      All the good CoD games == Infinity Ward

      1. Shaun 1

        MW3 may be Infinity Ward

        But a lot of their staff left a while ago

    2. Miek


      Upgrade your internet connection, Black Ops is fine

      1. Lionel Baden

        You Sir

        Are a complete retard !!!

        most of the people here will have the best connection their line can give them.

  2. <user />


    I am sorry, but does that bloke seriously punch a flying car out the way?

    1. bolccg

      I see what you mean but

      I think he falls down, raise his hand in front of his face and whips his head around to follow the car as it flies over and past him. Tricky to really see what's going on though.

    2. andypbw

      punching a car

      I think its a strange perspective, camera angle thing.....

      The car flies toward him, he shields his face, it glances against him, the camera pans quickly round, following the car as it goes past undiverted.

      But yes, it does *look* like he manages to palm / punch it aside.....

  3. bolccg

    Battlefield 3...

    ... certainly looks less overblown.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    There will be a Daily Mail outrage

    Pass the popcorn please...

    1. Anonymous Coward
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      Just as Predicted!

      well done ac.

  5. Tom Servo

    Looking good

    but very few people I know bother playing campaign, they just jump straight into multiplayer, and it's that community experience that keeps people with COD.

    BF3 may well be the better game, but you can garuantee going on to black ops tonight and joining a game with friends in, and that's what's great about COD.

    Anyone who goes on about other FPS being better is missing the point somewhat.

    1. Greg J Preece

      I'm the other way around

      I rarely care about online play, so I'll be straight into the campaign. While the locations are a bit predictable (we're in England - it must be London!) it does look like fun.

    2. Lionel Baden

      What ?! @Tom Servo

      Wait your saying the COD community is a good one ???


      Yeah lots of 13 year olds promising to show my mum a good time whilst lagging everybody out on a shitty p2p system because their dads watching porn on the family computer.

      UT2004 That had a good community.

      "but you can garuantee going on to black ops tonight and joining a game with friends in"

      Erm i play with mates everynight and not playing Cod has never impinged on the ability to play a game with friends in it and have a great time.

      "Anyone who goes on about other FPS being better is missing the point somewhat."

      Anyone else saying other FPS is better is likely to get ignored by you for not subscribing to the Blinkered view of the game.


      COD Mulitplayer is spammy to fast for any form of realism and lacks immersion. The single /co-op was Very good though.

      BF2 BC ^^ but other way round shitty single AWESOME multi.

  6. MikeyD85
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    Sod Singleplayer

    I want the multiplayer previews! Must admit, the Eiffel Tower looks like a good snipey hole. ;)

  7. Jon Double Nice

    Controversial level in London on the tube:

    You have to jump the queue for the Oyster machine and everybody tuts at you. Oh the horror!

  8. JaitcH

    To beat the best Tube movie, made before CGI, which was ...

    IMO, American Werewolf in London, anything better will have a hard time making it. The subway chases were superb in Werewolf - all taken with straight cameras!

    1. Anomalous Cowturd
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      American werewolf in London...

      One of my all time favourite films. Watched it again just last week with my teenage daughter. She almost browned out a couple of times, but didn't appreciate the film or the soundtrack as much as I had hoped... Kids!

      And Jenny Agutter in the buff too. Teen crush material in my day. I would. Though I doubt she would say the same for me... :o(

  9. Avatar of They
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    It;s not EA. So might be good.

    This is not tetrarch or whatever they are called so it might be as good as the proper MW2.

    However battlefield 3 has EA attached which means it will be consoleified, like crysis2. rushed out for the money and short like every other EA game.

    My monies on MW2 as the winner. Afterall where was and what happened to MOH? did that actually make it into the shops, it skipped me completely by.

  10. dbuckley
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    Modern Warfare 3

    Let's hope they make up for Blackop's......

  11. karl 15

    Same old same old

    Same old xbox port killing pc games

    i bet it's dx9

    PC games are still dx9, because of the xbox's very old gfx

    MW3 will be small and claustrophobic, because of the xbox's lack of ram

    why should pc users have to put up with the same old crap lowest common denominator games

    for gods sake stop releasing cod every year and WORK on it a bit longer!

    1. andybird123

      easy, don't buy MW3

      BF3 is having loads of extra time put in to making sure the PC version is the shiniest BF yet, the last 2 COD games have been straight console ports pretty much

      although, I would also suggest that you try hooking up a PC and an Xbox360 to the same monitor (e.g. hi def TV) and compare the two... I borrowed an xbox recently because my friends were trying to convince me to join them in xbox multiplayer and I shit you not, PC looks fine and lovely with black ops at 1080p, switched over to xbox and I thought I'd loaded LEGO Black Ops by mistake

      PC players don't have it quite as bad as they think, even with console ports

  12. IsJustabloke

    I refuse to enoble a simple forum post!

    I'm a big fan of the COD series but I've not bought/played balck ops yet because I simply don't have the time :( That and this will probably make it onto my machine at some point tho'

    To answer the question, tehre's every chance I'll do a BF3 as well cos I loved playing BF online with a bunch of mates and I think BF3 may very well be the game that brings us all back together..

  13. Anonymous Coward
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    I have friends that have pre-ordered already. That aside, it looks amazing and I will be buying. I've played all the COD games and Black Ops really hooked me with it's MP game mode. To say that I got value for money would be an understatement.

    I know some people are bored by the franchise, but it Infinity Ward pull it off, it will sell by the bucket load.

    Oh, and though I have a gaming PC, and a PS3, I will only buy it on Xbox. Best MP device by far.

    1. Anonymous Coward

      I call troll on that...

      a) you claim to have friends

      b) a console is a better MP device than a mouse/keyboard combo PC? Shome Mishtake Shurely.

      1. Robert Hill

        For BO, yes

        Not for Black Ops, which never ran well on the PC because Treyarch are wankers. Or at least console developers that did a poor port onto the PC platform, that was bug ridden.

        Can't wait to get my hands on MW3 - I don't do multiplayer, but I really like the campaign mode...

    2. Greg J Preece

      PC or bust

      Several reasons:

      1) Online play is free, and I can use a high quality headset without it costing a fortune or being a pain to set up.

      2) Mouse and keyboard > console controller, any day of the week.

      3) PC version is already 10 quid cheaper (unless you're daft enough to order from Game).

      4) PC version will look better (assuming your machine has the required beef)

      1. Miek

        Console or Bust

        Several Reasons:

        1) Don't have to have Windows all of my lovely PC, can have Ubuntu

        2) Sony PS3 headset was good quality and really easy to setup and use.

        3) The PS3 controller gives me less RSI than keyboard and mouse combo

        4) Don't have to constantly buy new GFX cards to accommodate new games.

        5) Don't have to have super-sized fans all over my lovely Shuttle just to keep the thing from

        overheating when I play games.

        Do you need more? I could probably list a few.

        1. andybird123

          PS3... really?

          1) Ubuntu doesn't do half of what I need my PC to be able to do (but you get what you pay for)

          2) because you can't get decent headsets for PC? And if you have problems setting up a headset on a PC then you really shouldn't be allowed to have a PC

          3) personal preference obviously, but given that Microsoft gave up on cross platform multiplayer due to the fact that in testing PC gamers wiped the floor with console gamers... I prefer KB and mouse

          4) bohoo, £150 every 2 years is such a hardship to save £10-20 on every single game you buy

          5) erm, so don't have a tiny emasculated box to play games, get a real PC that can run large near silent fans

          oh yes, and when was the last time EVERY game on PC became unplayable on line because they were all simultaneously hacked and took weeks to bring back online?

        2. Greg J Preece

          @Miek - Sorry, but I call BS

          1) Dual booting is normal. All of my machines dual boot, except for one that triple boots. Linux for work, Windows for play.

          2) The Sony headset is nowhere near as good as the Speedlinks I have on my PC, nor is an equivalent headset available for less than silly money, nor would it be as easy to set up as: *plug*.

          3) Fair enough, personal preference. My mouse and keyboard are pretty nice ones, and I prefer having more explicit control in game.

          4) Sorry, no. This just doesn't apply any more. The race between graphics and their hardware has calmed down quite a bit. Aside from the fact that games are getting held back from being graphically stupendous by their inevitable console versions, I've had a midrange ATI card for years now, and it played MW2 with everything on max last night. Does the same with Crysis. Newer games require newer consoles, too. The fact that PCs allow for continual advancement is not a downside, and if you don't want to play the latest PC exclusive at max graphics settings...don't.

          5) Again, newer PC components don't overheat nearly as badly as they used to. And what was that tiny, minor fault with the 360 down to again?

  14. ici.chacal

    @Richard Wharram

    The Modern Warfare series are developed by Infinity Ward (although MW3 is being co-developed with Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software), whereas Black Ops was by Treyarch. The IW games all rock, whereas Black Ops was not the first by Treyarch to receive criticism.

    My point being, you should be fine with MW3...

    1. Richard Wharram
      Thumb Down

      Must disagree

      I'm well aware of the developer history of the CoD games. BO's problems on the PC were mainly caused by the fact that the PC QA team comprised of two of the cleaning staff and one of the junior manager's offspring on a 'bring your daughter to work' day. The PC version always had problems with Windows 7 on about half of all configs but the sales had been made. There was never any priority given to fixing the rendering pipeline issues. The only issues that got fixed were those in common with the XBox and PS3. I can't believe they couldn't have fixed these problems if Activision were willing to fund it or if Treyarch had had the balls to demand something should be done, but nothing was done. The coding duties passing back to, in part, a team which still calls itself Infinity Ward but without the clout it used to have is not likely to fix the slap-dash approach the franchise has to the PC market.

      In short, I paid £40 on Steam to get a game, promised to me at midnight on release day, which unlocked after retail shoppers were already playing the game, and which hasn't been playable (except it's half playable if you build a Windows XP partition for it) in the whole 6 months since release. As it was a Steam purchase I can't even get a refund.

      I don't need to repeat then that I won't be purchasing this until it costs £10 and I have hand-written confirmation that it cooks a mean full-English and can bring a man to a knee-shattering-climax from 400 yards.

  15. Anonymous Coward

    Tube scenario - FAIL

    a) the tube is actually running, and not on strike or broken down

    b) there's transparently far too much room in the train if you can get the space to place a machine gun at the windows...never mind actually breathe

    c) it's far too clean

    d) it's going far too fast

    1. Tom Servo

      In the interests of reality

      I'm only interested if you're allowed to shoot innocent foreign plumbers in the head several times on the tube, and then plan the disinformation media campaign over the next few days to obfuscate the blame.

      1. Miek

        Re: In the interests of reality

        There was no disinformation campaign, in typical style these c**ts simply said "We did nothing wrong" and ta-da, no-one goes to prison for the murder of an innocent man on his way to work. Genius.

      2. Anomalous Cowturd

        Plumbers? This isn't Super Mario Brothers is it?

        I think you'll find the poor gentleman concerned was an electrician. May he rest in peace.

        Justice? We've heard of it.

  16. tangerine Sedge

    hmmm longevity

    COD looks good in the trailers, but as seen previously has no longevity. Where should I spend my £40? 15 hours single player gameplay on COD or 50days + multiplayer gamesplay (based on previous BF games) on BF3?

    See you on the Battlefield soldier!

  17. Bailey

    Battlefield 3

    Colours + mast = nailed.

  18. introiboad

    PC vs consoles, the numbers

    Look, we live in this thing called capitalism. This system forces companies to answer to shareholders, and make as much money as they can for them. Jump on to vgchartz and compare the sales numbers of _any_ recently released AAA game (CoDBO, MW2, Portal 2) and you'll see that the PC to consoles sales ratio is 1:10 or worse.

    When you sell 10 times more units on consoles it is perfectly normal to make the latter your main target, and use only DX9 since that's around the graphical level that the XBox/PS3 support.

    It's all about the moneys.

  19. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    titles suck

    I suspect this 'Infinity Ward' Modern Warfare will suck like Black Ops since all their intelligent staff seemingly left for Respawn.

    Would be nice to see a "Call of Duty" without the interfering fingers of Activision.

    1. Martin Fowler

      RE:titles suck

      Sledgehammer do have an ace up their sleeve though, their community manager is a very highly respected former YouTube Gamer/commentator by the name of Dr Disrespect (real name Guy Beahm). He is already listening to the gaming community, and taking a very active part in the community addressing early concerns and generally providing snippets of info when they are available, being a former part of it.

      Plus IW's community manager is already asking YT Gamers to meet up and discuss the ins and outs of the game further. Which adds up to more involvement than on MW2 (great game, but now oh so broken)

      Lets hope for a game of COD4 calibre but with Black Ops/Treyarch style support

      And you would have to pry the COD license out of Activision's cold dead hands

  20. Anonymous Coward

    BF3, takes me BF2

    EA nearly done a deal with back in 2007 for BF2/BF2042.. Shame it ended soo soon... Just imagine the $$$ that could have been won!


  21. Anonymous Coward

    Release date...

    They have got their release date wrong?

    What sort of date is 8/11/11 or 11/8/11 ?? Surely it should have been 11/11/11.. Sack the marketing team.

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