back to article Freebie Blackhole exploit kit appears on file-sharing websites

A free version of the Blackhole exploit kit has appeared online in a development that radically reduces the entry-level costs of getting into cybercrime. The Blackhole exploit kit, which up until now would cost around $1,500 for an annual licence, creates a handy way to plant malicious scripts on compromised websites. Surfers …


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  1. lglethal Silver badge


    So will the releases of these exploit and botnet kits mean that the malware writers are no longer getting paid for their services, no longer making an income and so will be forced to find a job outside of malware development to pay the bills?

    Probably not, but one can certainly hope...

  2. The Fuzzy Wotnot


    These scumbags can push their shit about but I bet I download a copy to see how it works so I can protect myself or my workplace, I will most likely a get Plod knocking on my door asking me to "come along for questioning"!

    1. Danny 14
      Thumb Up


      TOR, proxy, etc

  3. Keith T

    So how come law enforcement hasn't followed the money trail back to the authors?

    So how come law enforcement hasn't followed the money trail back to the authors of this malware?

    Or are they worried that if they get rid of the roots of the malware industry they'll be back to more mundane law enforcement work?

    1. Goat Jam


      Even if the crooks are in a jurisdiction that has no interest in stopping this sort of activity you can bet they use paypal, visa and/or mastercard to move money around.

      We now know that our all caring Governments can stop processing payments whenever they like to whoever they like or are they only interested in harassing those people who dare to embarrass our Lords and Masters and give not a toss about the little getting scammed or ripped off?

  4. qwertyuiop

    Even better exploits!

    Surely this means that exploits will now get even better? Effectively the code has now been made open source, so with lots of people reviewing it any bugs or weaknesses will be removed and it will become even better!

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