back to article Apple nears online streaming deal with Big Four, says report

Universal Music Group is understood to be the only holdout for Apple's widely reported new online music storage and streaming service. According to Reuters, the Vivendi SA-owned company is the only one of the Big Four record labels not to have inked a deal with Apple – yet. Warner Music Group, EMI Group and Sony Music …


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  1. Anonymous Coward


    Whats the point of Dane Baker (who's company VillainHq" make games software for apple devices, sold via itunes) trying to cybersquat?

    Its a bit oppurtunistic considering "icloud" is out in the open as a forthcoming Apple product name - he's just gonna get spanked surely?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Hopefully Apple will have the record labels indemnify them against legal action from rights holders, usually the artists, with whom the labels have no agreement covering electronic distribution (or indeed any form of distribution in some cases).

  3. Anonymous Coward

    QNAP Appliances

    Do all that already along with email server, web server, ftp server, bittorrent client and a half dozen other things that are all accessible from anywhere I have connectivity.

    I can stream my entire movie and music collection to my Android phone as I need it and I do not pay the Jobs a penny for it. Also, a great way to send work files home without having a full blown PC running burning up power. It can turn on my PC too through WakeOnLAN. My QNAP box runs on 3W of power.

    NOTE: I am not an employee or agent of QNAP, nor am I receiving anything for this. I am a very happy owner though.

  4. a_been


    OK, Apple are Apple and they do some good stuff but this is just taking the piss, who cares, do we need all these Apple stories? When Apple anounces there cloud thing we will get the details but till then who gives a fuck? This is just getting annoying.

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