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If you were expecting Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption dressed in police uniform, then I'm sorry to disappoint you. LA Noire is far removed from its Rockstar stablemates. Sure, it bears all the hallmarks of gaming's master craftsman: the peerless synergy of narrative, art direction and game design, the unabashed depiction …


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  1. Marvin the Martian

    Where does the final E come from in the name?

    By "intuition" that is needed, I presume "knowledge of pulp stereotypes" is meant? If not, what?

    1. LomaxFairchild


      Presumably because Los Angeles, as "une ville", is a feminine noun.

      Alternatively, they're running scared of some other trademarked "LA Noir"

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Red Dead....

    "Red Dead Redemption" dont you mean Grand Theft Horse?

    It looks good and no doubt most of the story line will be excellent, but if GTA & GTH are anything to go by the controls will be a pain, and the main thing that made GTA & GTH fun (the running round causing trouble) has been taken away.. not really much fun if you cant do the odd bit of d@#king around when you get bored..

    Think I'm going to give this a miss and wait for Saints Row 3, ah to shoot random people with a stun gun, while naked and whistling a jaunty tune..

  3. cre@mstick360
    Paris Hilton

    Love it.

    Love the pace of the beatings you give naughty criminals.

    Love the story and characters, especially the loon of a partner you have.

    Love being the Doctor of Interrogation.

    Well done Rockstar, LA Noire is better than loads of the other shit that's on the shelf at the mo.

    Paris, because she needs the Dr. to interrogate her.

  4. serviceWithASmile

    no pc love?

    Just to clarify, will it be available on PC?

    Good review either way, would consider getting this - up with this sort of thing.

    inb4 sony shills whining about this being tested on the xbox

    1. Dapprman

      PC ...

      Was just thinking the same.

      Time to run Blade Runner through Dosbox while waiting

    2. Piro Silver badge

      They'd have to be shills...

      Since after everything that's happened, there can't be any fanboys left...

      Just to clarify, I'd want this on PC too. Seems a waste of all those high quality animations and models to put them on a machine that's 5-6 years old..

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up

    Glad I read this review...

    As an avid PC Gamer who hasn't purchased a console since the early 90's (altho I've used friends consoles a bit), I was considering getting an Xbox using this game as an excuse for the hefty outlay of dosh.

    I'm now going to resist that urge, because this review seems honest and reflects the way I view games.

    Pretty much every other review has sung the highest praises - this one gives me what I needed to know, that outside all the hype, the flaws would probably irritate me quite a lot.

    I'm *not* a fan of overly cinematic games - I'd rather watch a movie.

    I absolutely love the GTA series of games and remain stubbornly PC Game centric.

    You've just saved me £200 - thanks!

    If Rockstar deem the PC platform to be profitable enough to release a version, I'll give it a go.

    For now, Portal2 and GTA all the way...

    1. introiboad

      Re: Other reviews

      Actually, compared to the 97% and 95% respectively that GTAIV and RDR got on Metacritic, an 89-90% for LA Noire is already telling you that it´s just not as good.

  6. gort


    Way too many spoilers for the cases on page 2 of this review. OK so they're not exactly hard to work out, but still...

  7. NobEnd

    Get the PS3 version, much better

    SIngle disk, better graphics, better framerate, extra missions.

    'nuff said. 80% on Xbox, 90% on PS3

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward


      Shoo Sony Employee.

    2. Mr Ian
      Thumb Up

      Have to agree

      Got both consoles, normally prefer Xbox. Apparently the PS3 version is one disc, whereas the Xbox is 3. On that alone I'd vote for the PS3 version.

      1. Mr Brush

        3 Discs?

        Meh, Just install to HDD, problem solved.

        At least 360 users get to choose whether or not to install stuff.

  8. Real Name
    Thumb Up

    Repetitive plots is all one plot. 3 disk is not a problem

    The repetitiveness is because you are arresting people who seem to be involved with murers when actually you find out someone is doing them all... Or at least seemed that way playing it. I didnt find it repetitive, i found it quite interesting.

    It's a good game, this. Very different but you get quite into it. But the saving points do my head in. Why can't I just save where I bloody want to?! Grrr....

    As for 3 disks on Xbox - I don't find that being an issue. Leaves more room for graphics. but on both consoles the graphics are quite cartoony.

    The facial movements are quite good, though.

  9. trafalgar
    Thumb Up


    I miss Shenmue. Come on SEGA, Shenmue for PS3!

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