back to article RHEL 6.1 lays foundation for future servers

Commercial Linux distributor Red Hat has moved the 6.1 release of its Enterprise Linux from beta to prime time. RHEL 6.1 is an update to the flagship Linux operating system from Red Hat, which came out in its 6.0 version back in November 2010. The 6.0 version was a major upgrade to the company's Linux OS, with nearly twice as …


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  1. Mark 65

    That's nice

    When's the CentOS version out?

    1. Pete B
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      November 30, 2017 going by current progress - they seem to be going off the rails in terms of stability.

      You might want to look at Scientific Linux as an alternative - the only problem I can see is that they only plan to offer updates for 3 years after their initial release, rather than for the full RHEL lifespan.

    2. blondie101


      mhahahahaha.... epic fail....

    3. Nigel 11

      Try Scientific Linux?

      If you want free beer and don't want to wait for Centos to solve its problems, then the answer is Scientific Linux, another RHEL clone. It's maintained for use by the particle physics communities at Cern and Fermilab, so it won't be going away soon, and SL 6.0 came out about 3 months after RLEL6.0 did (the usual timescale).

      It's not quite the same as Centos, in that they do not maintain total bug-for-bug compatibility with RHEL, and do make a few tweaks. It's close enough for anything I've ever heard of where free-beer is acceptable. There's nothing specifically scientific about it other than the name, and a number of extra packages (not in RHEL) that don't install by default.

      It's a bit premature to write off Centos ("reports of my death are somewhat exaggerated"). Red Hat made a number of distro-build utilities closed-source with RHEL6, so Centos have to develop their own build system. Progress is reportedly being made. I'd hope that once Centos 6.0 is out, they'll be able to catch up on the minor releases.

This topic is closed for new posts.

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