back to article Which kind of cloud database is right for you?

In the second of two articles about cloud-based data storage, the focus is on the options available and how to decide on one approach rather than the other. (Part 1 is here). Find the keys Not-so-relational databases do not store data in tables – at least, not the sort of tables we associate with relational databases. …


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  1. akapuya

    The scale dilemma

    As indicated, NoSQL is perceived as more scalable than SQL databases like MySQL. Most people would rather work with a scalable SQL database and not take the risk of using NoSQL, unless it is the only way to go (which is possible when very large scales are needed, Facebook / Twitter kind). 99% of the market would find a scalable SQL solution more than sufficient for their needs.

    Few solutions are in the market today for scalable MySQL. For example, Xeround is one of the leading Scalable Cloud Database solutions.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Take it away

    "It is entirely possible in a key/value store to orphan an order because you have deleted the customer. You can prevent this but not in the database; you would have to do it in the application code instead."

    It sounds rubbish.

  3. Mark Pitchless

    I believe I did, Bob.

    Querying key value stores:

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