back to article Sleazy Aussie 'hot babes' network goes MIA

Full blooded, empty-headed, time-rich, girlfriend-poor Aussie blokes, including a trio of North Melbourne footballers, are suffering a savage attack from media and the public over their membership to an exclusive mens-only Facebook group called "the Brocial Network". (El Reg: for those not familiar with Australian-New Zealand …


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  1. Winkypop Silver badge

    Has anyone else noticed that.....

    ...TV news has degraded into a half hour of "Facebook ............. shock." [insert your own outrage]

  2. Head
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    Good group it was too

  3. Anonymous Coward

    Don't like this group, but

    If this was a group of women, nothing would be said.

    When will men get equal rights

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: Don't like this group, but

      Oh, when will the oppressed rise up and throw off the shackles of etc etc.


      1. thefutureboy
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        Thumbs Up

        @Sarah Bee Your rebukes always bring a smile to my face. Keep up the good work.

      2. Mad Mike

        One way street

        Hate to say it Sarah, but sexism is pretty much a one-way street, although it is getting better. You only have to look at magazines. All the outrage over lads mags such as Loaded, FHM etc.etc. and yet women have exactly the same sort of magazines tuned for them (with the same sorts of pictures, articles etc.) and yet not a peep is heard.

        I don't really understand how this is a breach of privacy anyway. Either the pictures were publically available, or they had allowed the blokes access to them in some way, so how can they complain. People really need to get somewhat less stupid and wise. If a picture goes on the internet, basically it's available.....end.

        1. Lamont Cranston


          the ladies' version of Zoo, called?

      3. This post has been deleted by its author

      4. Loyal Commenter Silver badge


        It saddens me to say it, but much feminism != equal rights. One has only to look at the many examples in modern advertising where men are depicted as weak and / or stupid in comparison to women. This would not be considered acceptable were the roles reversed, so it should not be considered acceptable as it is.

        Don't mistake what I am saying as a suggestion that men are better than women (or vice versa), it is simply an observation that sexism is sexism whether it is directed towards women, or towards men. Several decades ago, one was considerd socially acceptable, nowadays, it seems like the other is becoming socially acceptable. To me, neither is correct.

      5. Olafthemighty

        @ Sarah

        You spelt twat wrong.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Paris Hilton

      If this was a group of women

      > If this was a group of women, nothing would be said.

  4. sanitycalling


    Facebook is a public forum, when you put things on there anyone can see it. If women are dumb enough to stick their junk all over their pages then they have no right to complain about the people who've seen it. You gave your consent when you uploaded it. This is coming from a woman...they put it up there they can't cry facebook rape (also speaking as a rape victim).

    1. anarchic-teapot

      Re: Duh

      Actually, the text specifically mentions men "uploading" pictures, rather than linking to them. This doesn't exclude someone using a photo downloaded from a friend's (or family member's) restricted-access page, or posting his own photos taken of people in the swimming pool or on the beach without their knowledge or consent. Freggsample.

      While there are a lot of empty-headed clueless females (and males) in this world, I would never assume it's everybody doing the same stupid thing. There is a wonderful and wide-ranging variety of many kinds of dumb available, irrespective of gender, creed, or colour. And Moldovan hats. I liked those Moldovan hats. Although for me the most repellent aspect of the whole sorry Fapbook is the image it conjurs up of butt-ugly guys disparaging the physical charms of lassies they wouldn't have a chance with. Sad.

      1. Mad Mike

        Should be more careful then

        However they got hold of the photos, someone at some point gave them access. Whether that be putting the photos in a public place or granting someone access who abused that access. So, they should have been more careful and should take it up with whoever misued the photos. That may be relatives, friends or anybody. Who knows. At some point people have to start taking care of themselves as society can never take complete care of people, partially because people complain when they try!!

    2. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD


      Completely agree with you, facebook is evil, makes people do things they regret afterwards "seemed like a good idea at the time" etc... We here perhaps are not as forgiving about those more gullible than us, but perhaps we should.

      Moral of the story: Don't use facebook. Or if you do or have to, just be very careful.

      ....but nevertheless, I thought it was a tasteless thing to do. And the others have a point, too. Maybe some of those pictures were not facebook ones.

  5. Marvin the Martian
    Dead Vulture

    Australonewzealand slang??

    How come all action-starved Hollywood "buddy movies" are nowadays called "bromances"?

    Was Andrew "Don't tase me bro" Meyer an aussie or kiwi?

  6. Maxson story bro

    And I have nothing more to say.

  7. Anonymous Coward

    How Australian "society" works

    "The Register is unaware of whether or not Queensland's ham-fisted plods are going to arrest Brocial members on suspicion of receiving unlawfully obtained property, as happened to unlucky tech journalist Ben Grubb this week."

    No, because Ben Grubb is a weedy nerd, and the Brocial site was run by football players (c.f. neanderthal), and you must understand that football players are the widely regarded as the pinnacle of Australian society, and can do no wrong.

    eg. average person gets caught 5 times over drunk-driving limit - 6 months jail.

    Average 'fuuddie' player gets a stern talking-to from magistrate, told to 'not do it again. this season. too many times more. except if they win the final" and makes falsely meek-sounding apology on tv. Gets caught 6 times over next week, same thing. Bloody hell, they even walk away from what would normally get classed 'murder'. *cough* certain football player / nightclub door monkey *cough*

    1. Anonymous Coward


      Would that be footbal, soccer, or austrialian rules football?

      1. Mark 65


        Thugby League.

  8. adam.c

    "if it was reversed the reaction would be different" - that's not hypothetical

    What about

    Where 55% of their readers thought it was harmless fun

    Flame - cause I see a flame war on the way.

  9. Purlieu

    Sounds a lot like FACEMASH

    You know, grabbing pics of girls, leering at them, etc.

    Can't imagine what that developed into, can you ..........

  10. Nick Davey

    If you want...

    to see tits on the Internet might I suggest there are other avenues than Facebook!

  11. NoneSuch Silver badge

    Equal rights, but really not.

    Lets put the legality of the circulated pictures aside for the moment and take on the other point.

    Having a group be dedicated to gay left handed Uzbekistan dentists, is not discriminatory unless a left handed homosexual dentist from Uzbekistan is denied entry. If you want to have a private club, group or organization (for whatever purpose) then so be it as long as your entry conditions are uniformly applied. Whether anyone outside that group agrees with that group is irrelevant.

    The day where everyone has to have universal access to everything is here and that does not improve things. Would a "Women for Guys named Raoul with Washboard Abs" group be banned?

    All male gyms are being sued out of existence by womens groups because of both the legal costs to defend themselves and the costs to retrofit female bathrooms and showers when they inevitably lose for being "discriminatory". Yet a heterosexual man walking into a all-female gym or nail / hair salon is greeted with immediate silence and even hostile looks. Ladies, if you want a sanity island reserved for yourself and your sisters then do not be critical of guys who want the same thing.

    1. Fred Flintstone Gold badge

      Umm, but..

      .. I can't really see myself in need of fake nails. I mean, it's just not my style, really...

      Yawn. Lighten up!!!

    2. Ru

      Gym access in exchange for copyright infringement?

      Clearly there's a lot of bitterness on the reg from people who are unlikely to have photos of their scantily clad selves stolen and perved over by a bunch of neanderthalettes.

    3. anarchic-teapot

      Obligatory expat comment

      "Yet a heterosexual man walking into a all-female gym or nail / hair salon is greeted with immediate silence and even hostile looks. "

      You live in the wrong country, love. Not that there are many unisex places round here anyway, something to do with not turning your nose up at a decent sale.

  12. Anonymous Coward

    "for those not familiar with Australian-New Zealand argot"..

    ..."bro" is short for "brother".

    That's the first time I've been patronised by an Australian.

    "Bro" is an abbreviation for "brother" outside of Aus/NZ and has been for a very long time. You'll find it in company names (Fred Bloggs & Bro Ltd) going back centuries in the UK, for example.

    Kindest regards,

    M Coat, your friendly Pommie pedant.

  13. Laurence Penney

    Facebook returning to its roots

    Wasn’t this the very reason Facebook (or Facemash) was created in the first place?

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Hypocrisy and double standards

    Can you imagine what it would be like if a man called a women a twit or twat for asking for equal rights.

    equal rights, is just that, equal rights, nothing more, nothing less.

    it's alright to call a man a twit or twat, but to call a women a Sexist, well thats a big no no.

    on the subject of womens magazines, i encourage my daughters not to read them, as allot of them are mind rotting perverting filth.

    every shopping night i have to run the gauntlet of womens mags at the checkouts,

    my son once asked "why are there rude books showing a man with a womens hand down his winky in front of the till", we were told "oh it's just girls fun"

    i asked "okay then, where are the mens mags", a shocked women replyed "over there, top shelf". (dont read them btw)

    it would be nice to see true equal rights, and not hypocrisy and double standards.

    so what do we have now, well we have men who have never been sexist, but experience it every day, and women (mostly young under 35), who have never been on the receiving end of sexism, but are 100% sexist themselves.

    in the 70's if a man went to a strip club, he was a raincoat wearing pervert, now if a women and her mates go to see a stripper, er that's OK? sorry no, i don't think so.

    if Emmeline (Emily) Pankhurst walked down a uk street on a Saturday night, or sat in on a divorce court, she would be disillusioned to say the least :(

  15. Steven Roper

    It's gratifying to see

    more of the readership becoming aware of the toxicity of modern feminism, not just by the comments but the upvotes they get. I enjoyed reading this comments column. Well done Reg readers! Now we just have to turn this awareness into real change and justice.

    And Sarah, your glib dismissal of the AC speaks volumes about the methods of the modern feminist. The whole "X is getting old" technique is getting old as well. You might be on top now, but generations of women unborn will pay the price for the hypocrisy and double standards of feminism today, when the backlash comes full circle and women don't even have chivalry left any more to gain respect from men. You only need to see all the modern rap lyrics, "tits or gtfo", and "back in the kitchen bitch" expressions on the Internet to see it coming. And that will be the real tragedy.

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: It's gratifying to see

      "On top".

      If you genuinely believe this then there is honestly zero point in my trying to enter into discussion with you.

  16. Anonymous Coward
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    or it didn't happen...

  17. Rattus Rattus

    "Bro" Australian?

    Nah. It's certainly a very New Zealand word, but the only times I ever hear it used here in Australia is by Kiwi immigrants.

    1. sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

      I would tend to agree...

      But I have also heard some Aussies use it. Rare though. "Dude" as in "dude, wtf?" is probably more common.

      I'm not Aussie, but I suspect it's all not strictly legal 'Strine and may get picked up by lint.

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