back to article Sandy Bridge MacBook Air rumour restoked

New MacBook Airs based on Intel's Sandy Bridge platform - second-generation Core i CPUs, essentially - will be out in June or July. So say Asian component manufacturer moles cited by DigiTimes. The sources echo an identical claim made back in February. This time round, the source stressed the new machines' support for …


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  1. Anonymous Coward

    Optical links were what we wanted

    for out-of-the-way home disk systems, networking and long video links to the tv.

    This electrical stuff is no good, multiple disks are too noisy to have 3m away and 3m is a short network cable.

    Plus optical links could have magsafe connectors.... :)

  2. Volker Hett

    I remember USB

    epic fail when Apple introduced it without any support for standard hardware like serial mice, PS/2 keyboards, parallel printers and so on. Did it ever catch up?

    They even left out a floppydisk drive!

    Written on a HP Vectra 286, copied to a 5,25" Floppy and mailed to my Internetprovider.

  3. Marvin the Martian

    Please come to my emporium...

    I'll sell you USB3 <-> Thunderbolt converters, doublecheap.

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