back to article Welshman attempts to board train with pony

A Welshman* has earned himself 15 minutes of CCTV fame by attempting to board a train with a pony. According to the BBC, the hooves fell off the bold equine transportation plan at Wrexham General station on Saturday, when the conductor of the 19:02 to Holyhead decided he wasn't having any of it. The man and his pony on the …


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  1. Simbu

    Public transport

    " ride his pony the 85-odd miles to Holyhead."

    He'll probably get there faster...

    1. Marvin the Martian

      As a tech person

      You may have heard of backups. This is his.

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

    1. JohnG

      IT Angle

      JPEG stills taken from networked security cameras?

    2. The Beer Monster


      It's in Bootnotes.

    3. Alien Doctor 1.1


      FUCKIN' BOOTNOTES - when will some of you learn?

    4. Dr. Mouse

      Captured on CCTV...

      ... which is probably computerised.

    5. BoldMan

      Seriously... Bootnotes?

      Read the news category and get over it!

    6. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      IT angle?

      A pony is 25 pounds

      25 pounds is the weight of a large hammer.

      MC hammer was doing it large on MTV

      Large TV’s are often used as computer monitors.

      There you go IT angle.

      1. Michael Dunn


        Also, a tap with a large hammer is often the best way to 'repair' a malfunctioning computer!

    7. Anonymous Coward

      RE:Seriously... Meanwhile in Wales

      The Java pony? Hackney pony? PonyProg - Serial device programming?

      Im done smacking this pony.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I'm glad...

    "may pose a risk to the general public"

    ...someone thinked of the bloody children.

  4. Code Monkey

    I've always said our trains are a bit pony

    Mine's the one with Dick van Dyke's Bumper Guide to Cockney Slang in the pocket.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Was it a mane line station?

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    The Pony Express....

    nuff said.

  7. Richard Jukes


    You forget to mention that he took the pony down onto the platform via a lift....

    1. MarkB

      Am I first with a Commitments reference?

      Young kid holding a horse at a block of high rise flats in Ballymun. Jimmy Rabitte is standing beside him.

      Jimmy says "You aren't taking that in the lift, are you?"

      "I have to," the boy replies. "The stairs would kill him."

      1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

        Re: Am I first with a Commitments reference?


      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Well done.

        Now you've mentioned the commitments I can't stop sniggering at 'billy and the bollocks'.

  8. Evil Auditor

    Why not?

    Ever boarded a plane in Morocco (and presumably some other countries nearby)? If you're jammed between a subject from the great unwashed and a he-goat you'd wish there was only a pony around...

  9. JohnG

    Pony friend

    I thought Welsh blokes were keen on sheep....

    1. Code Monkey

      Welsh Bernie Eccleston

      He likes em tall.

  10. Red Bren

    How much for a ticket?

    Wrexham to Holyhead is £23. He thought he could get change from a pony.

  11. Anonymous Coward

    Aren't human's also 99% pony DNA?

    If he'd bought the ticket first and then been refused boarding, he might have had a case for the Rail Co laying on a taxi for the pony.

    I'd love to have a horse on a train with me. Might even make me take the train, seeing as I never have any horses in my car.

    Penguin because for some reason there's no pony or rail icon. Sort it out, Reg!

    1. Your Retarded

      I don't have an also

      Do most humans have an also?

  12. Quxy

    Ended up taking the X94 bus...

    ...they have pony racks on them.

  13. Semaj
    Thumb Up


    I'd much rather share a train carriage with a pony than with a scum family with bored, screaming kids.

  14. Anonymous Coward

    Any sound on the CCTV?

    Did it sound a little hoarse?

    1. Anonymous Coward

      Did the guy in the ticket office ask:

      'Why the long face?'

  15. This post has been deleted by its author

  16. MJI Silver badge

    I have ridden a bike in a train

    While a student YEARS ago, I used to get to the Poly by train with my bike, it was very heavily loaded, but not far at the poly end to the room.

    However at the station I had to carry everything on the bike, so it gets very heavy.

    So how do I get it up the ramp into a BG? I ride it up!

    Yes I have ridden a bike IN a train.

    And in an underpass between platforms - very slowly.

    By now you are wondering why it was easier to ride it - easy - it had an engine, and I don't think the station staff were overly impressed by an expansion piped 2 stroke being ran underground.

  17. Anonymous John

    As this is Wales.

    Dio sheep count as small animals?

    1. Sarah Bee (Written by Reg staff)

      Re: As this is Wales.

      You people are unbelievable. Anyone want to guess how many comments like this there are on this story? INFINITY, that's how many.

      Seriously, stop being so predictable. At this rate I'll be able to guess all your bank details in another week or so.

      1. Eponymous Cowherd

        Having a Baaaaad day?

        Ducks and runs for cover.........

      2. Anonymous John

        It's a competition.

        The winner is the one who gets a slap from you. Me this time.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        IT Angle

        You mean, even though it's Wales, the IT angle...

        ...isn't a pun on 'ewe tube'?

  18. proto-robbie


    Looks a bit like Gandalf and Shadowfax. Wonder how they ended up in Wrexham?

  19. Rob 101

    Clearly defined allowed species needed

    So, do they have some kind of reg size chart as to what size counts as dangerous?

    I mean, some dogs are bigger than many sheep but I bet they would not allow a sheep. What about a dwarf pony?

    Going the other way a golden eagle is smaller than a few dogs (wingspan excluded of course).

    There needs to be a clearly defined list of what is and what is not allowed.

    Possibly a book with silhouette cut-outs that have red or green borders and they can look at the animal through?

    1. breakfast

      Good idea

      They could have something like one of those fairground style "must be under this height to ride ( if you are an animal )" type signs. Of course, how you would put that in terms that animals would be able to understand is another question entirely...

    2. NogginTheNog

      Not just based on size?

      I've a feeling it may also be based on the likelihood of the animal leaving something foul smelling in the carriage, which the guard would probably have to clean up!

      1. Michael Dunn

        Something foul smelling?

        When I was a lad, the whole street used to wait with buckets for the milkman's horse.

        (Just off to the allotment)

  20. TeeCee Gold badge

    This could be a discrimination issue!

    If he can prove that someone with a vivid imagination and a couple of coconut shells has been allowed to use the same train, he could sue.....

  21. Captain TickTock

    At least he was willing...

    ... to pony up for the fare.

    Mine's the riding coat.

    And shouldn't this story be in Hoofnotes?

  22. Cihatari

    But what if essential engineering works had closed down the line?

    Would he have been able to try this one with the replacement bus service?

    Just a thought.

  23. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    How do you know he was Welsh?

    Most of the people I meet in that neck of the woods tend to be scousers or mancunians. And then there's the fact that he was boarding a traing for Holyhead. How do you know it wasn't an Irishman wanting to take the pony on the ferry?

  24. Bill Fresher

    No problem

    There appear to be no restrictions on animals riding tube trains here in London, especially during rush hour.

  25. Purlieu


    My Danes are bigger than that 'orse

  26. Reticulate

    An overlooked precedent.


    (Punch 1869)

    I think this is a precedent to class ponies as dogs.

  27. BornAcorn

    Crazy Horse

    He's from the local gypsy camp!

    He's attempted, and sometimes succeeded in taking it into *many* local pubs as well. First started showing up a few weeks ago!

  28. Andus McCoatover

    Was his name "Shanks"?

    nuff said?

  29. Msan
    Thumb Up

    Cheers El Reg ...

    This story has made my day!

  30. Martin Maloney

    Stoopid bloke

    Horses are allowed on ships, not on trains.

    Trains are not subject to mare-a-time law.

    (Because I can, folks, because I can.)

  31. jon 72

    Everbody Knows

    Arriva trains are for cattle only

  32. JaitcH

    In the days before Thatcher buggered up the railways ...

    and the Metropolitan line ran on electric traction to Rickmansworth where it switched to steam engines and later to diesel electric, the guards had a whole 'van'/carriage to themselves with plenty of room for passengers goods to be carried.

    I have seen a small horse in a guards van in those times as well as a few sheep. Then they 'improved' the service by electrifying the rail to Amersham - but no more guards van.

  33. NoOnions

    Not just on the train...

    ...try pubs and A&E too!

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