back to article Apple leases space in new Silicon Valley data center

Apple has leased space in a new Silicon Valley data center, according to a report citing "multiple industry sources". Data Center Knowledge reports that Apple has signed a seven-year lease for space in a new data center being built in by DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT). DFT discussed the lease in reporting its first quarter …


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  1. dogged


    Presumably this is why they won't let you fix your hard drive anymore.

    "Give us all your data. Not that big of a deal. Also, you have body-thetan issues so pay us all your money".

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Too late

    That story is dead already. A non-conspiracy-theory reason was found - temperature monitoring without SMARTs performance impact - and there are three solutions:

    * Fan control software

    * Shorting two pins of the power supply (as per Apple's own recommendations for SSD drives)

    * A tiny external temperature sensor created by some quick businesspeople in Germany

  3. John Savard


    Of course one shouldn't run off with one's imagination, but unfortunately Apple's past history is such that the possibility that the future of the Macintosh may make it look more like the iPad, with the kind of limitations that implies, does come to mind when one hears about things like this.

    Of course, there's nothing wrong with an optional service that, for a small fee, lets one access one's data from anywhere. But if that leads to smaller hard disks in future machines - sure, that's paranoid, but we already have Google bringing us a cloud platform that it claims is the way of the "future".

    Making Bill Gates look like Linus Torvalds is not a good business plan.

  4. Robert E A Harvey


    Are they copying UbontuOne?

    Oh no! maybe Cannonical is secretly evil now!

  5. Robert E A Harvey


    "Apple leases data centre instead of building from scratch"

    In other news, Cupertino management buy toilet bowls from builder's merchant instead of making them from raw clay, and they get an electricity feed from a power company instead of hollowing out a mountain to build a geothermal power station.

  6. Steve Loughran

    Closed world

    -I'm not sure HDD sizes will shrink as cost of storage server-side is still higher (power, capital, etc). SSD disks on laptops do save power, so there may be a trend there.

    -I do agree with the closed world comments, as the desktop is going that way. Look at how macs don't have blu-ray, because to watch blu-ray disks would reduce the demand for i-tunes videos. Look how their thin laptops don't have flash (admittedly, there are security benefits). Look how they are backing off Java support, and adding an app store for the mac.

    I can imagine MS selling locked down machines citing end user experience and security as the reason. Microsoft never attempted that.

    1. Stuart Castle Silver badge


      Re: Blu-Ray. Apple have said they don't think Optical media has a future. Although Blu ray is supported in Windows, it's worth noting that Microsoft have failed to release a Blu Ray drive for their console, the Xbox 360 even though a lot of xboxes could play blu rays. Also, Games appear increasingly to be distributed through download systems (PSN, Xbox Live, Steam etc), so Apple may have a point.

      As for MS not selling locked down machines? Well, Windows Phone is pretty locked down.

  7. AntipodeanAdventure

    The Register are a bunch of idiots

    "Cult sets up shop in someone else's server room" what the heck is this supposed to mean?

    Really intelligent journalism - not.

    No wonder Apple bans you from their news events. So I guess you have to be bottom feeders for any news - it shows.

  8. David Kelly 2


    Makes good business sense to me. This isn't a huge investment for Apple, small enough to be an experiment. How else can one know how much a leased data center costs unless one actually leases and runs one?

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