back to article Vodafone chuffed with pleasing figures

Vodafone shares are up two per cent this morning on a solid set of figures for the year. The UK's largest mobile company said data and services revenues helped boost sales by 3.2 per cent to £45.9bn. Adjusted operating profit was £11.8bn, up 3.1 per cent. Ebitda was down 0.4 per cent to £14.7bn. Africa, Middle East and Asia …


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  1. There's a bee in my bot net

    So they can afford to buy more bandwidth then?

    I'm sure with operating profits of £11.8 billion they can afford to invest in more bandwidth for their users rather than reducing data caps, and/or stop dragging their feet over '4G' ?

  2. Mr Bean
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    Perhaps now, they can pay the rest of the tax that they owe.

    1. irish donkey

      Tax Avoiding Scum

      In effect a large slice of that profit has been stolen from the British Tax Payer and all the other EU Tax payers they should be paying as well.

      Would be interesting to see how much tax they will pay on that figure. And which small tax free country they will pay it through.

      So when you hear of services being cut and people losing their jobs. You know where to look for the money to make up the shortfall.

      Come on aVodaTax tell us where your tax will be paid this year?

  3. Lloyd

    Having a smartphone on Vodafone

    is the equivalent of having a Ferrari but using a donkey to pull it from a to b, the 500MB data cap made no difference to me, I can very rarely get anything resembling a decent download speed and I live and work in central London. 5 months and counting until I'm off of their network.

    1. Peter 66
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      The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

      Prob a better analogy would be a Ferrari with a Toyota Aygo engine in.

      I've got 1 month left until I'm free of O2 with their 'unlimited' data cap, already getting texts and withheld numbers calling to say that they believe i've been paying too much for my mobile and to phone now to renew and save money!

      Yeah right

  4. RVee

    Vodafail profits

    So a tidy profit.

    I'd wager it was mostly based on an handful of us punters using a smartphone abroad for 5 mins...


  5. Anonymous Coward


    How many of those complaining about tax avoidance have bought goods online from HMV, Play, CD-Wow, Amazon, Tesco, Asda, 7DayShop, etc???

    Hmmm, that would be you commiting tax avoidance too (importing goods from a low tax regime, avoiding paying UK import duty and VAT).

    Until the world agrees on a unified tax system, tax avoidance will remain a valid business profit mechanism. If you don't like it, don't bleat on here about it - vote to change the government.

    (expecting down votes, but the truth hurts)

    1. irish donkey
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      Vote with your money

      It's only through public awareness that others can make the same choice.

      That's why we constantly complain. So everybody knows what sort of companies they are giving their money too.

      Then they are free to make their own choice.

    2. Mr Bean

      [Hopefully convincing title here]

      The tragic thing about that is most people don't really care, because their own lives are difficult and complicated enough.

      Also, there's the knock-on effect from tax avoidance that, logically, they can afford to lower prices more then their competitors, which undoubtedly masks the tax avoiding devil underneath for most consumers, as they can barely afford anything nowadays.

      I'm not saying that people are ignorant and selfish; it's just many won't have a choice.

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