back to article O2 struggles for breath in widespread outages

O2's network is suffering outages around the capital and the southeast, with customers unable to make calls, or connect to data services, since just after midnight. The outage seems to be knocking out connectivity in North and East London as well as Sussex and Kent, and started just before one o'clock this morning. Some …


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  1. Jacqui

    No problems in camberley

    my android phone has been AOK - just ran test calls to VF mods and NTL and BT landlines.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    imagine, all of the drunks not being able to call a cab.

    and not realizing it...

  3. noroimusha

    O2 business looks ok

    atleast the blackberries are receiving emails

  4. Christoph


    Looks like the outage area includes 'The O2' dome

  5. tony 33

    kent !

    well i'm very east kent and it's all off

    signal and everything ok

    just can't do anything atall

    pikey's and cables again?????

  6. I know better

    So what's new?

    Like I can get any data services at the best of times with O2 in London...

  7. jimbojones666

    Err - problems in Bradford???

    typical, read the article, guffaw at problems down south, look at phone, no data!

  8. EddieD


    A few small bits of south east sassenach-land....

    1. Elmer Phud


      You do realise that's the entire civilised world don't you?

    2. thribb

      ... that have a higher GDP

      than the whole of Jockshire

      1. Anonymous Coward

        @ thribb - Jockshire

        ..higher population too. And crime. And pollution. And house prices. And number of water shortages. More power cuts. And traffic jams. And suicides. And tube strikes. And Congestion charges. Less free time. Or space. Or access rights. Or parking spaces.

        Jockshire - we're skint gypos, but i'd rather be here than down there.

  9. Annihilator

    Boo O2, yay GiffGaff

    God forbid that O2 put a notice up on their front page saying they have a problem - a few intelligent clicks and searches resulted in nothing that suggested they are having problems. I remember 2 hours into such an outage phoning O2 support (from a landline, natch) who denied there was a problem and that it was probably my phone and that I should consider upgrading...

    On the other hand, GiffGaff has a detailed heat-map of the outage a mere 2 clicks away from their front page. I applaud that and wish that the underlying network provider could be so open.

    1. Roger Grumble

      O2 network status page

      O2 are reporting the problem on their site - see

      Mind you it took me a while to find that - I can't see a link to it from their main home page.

    2. This post has been deleted by its author

      1. Jonathon Desmond
        Thumb Down

        "Intelligent Click"???

        And exactly what Psi level do you have to be to devine that address from the ether?

        It's not on the home page, nor the support page.

        On the support page there is a "Service Status" link - for broadband!

        The only way I found to get to the status site was to click "Coverage checker" (but I already know the coverage maps!) and then "Our live network". I'm interested in how that's supposed to be intuitive.

        What's wrong with having a "Service Status" link for the mobile network? Ideally on the home page, but at the very least directly on the support page.

        I only found out about this because of the GiffGaff posting. Just FB'ed a friend who (as it turns out) had been on the landline to O2 this morning and been told "Must be your phone. Try turning it off and back on"....

  10. Ian Entwistle

    ditto just south of Knutsford

    data throughput only works before 8am, soon as the office fills up with people you may as well resort to carrier pigeon, reported to O2, " Our map says you have good coverage........."

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    There was a break-in to a joint BT/O2 site in the middle of the night. Several pieces of hardware were stolen, and lots of cables cut...

  12. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Really hard to find, yeah

    It's not that hard to find, although GiffGaff do a much better job

  13. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Their network sucks anyway

    Nobody using O2 in Islington would notice any difference between this and their normal 'service'.

  14. irish donkey

    The Midlands...

    has been having an intermitten service for a few days now.

    Started last week.

  15. F'tangF'tang

    O2 Poo

    Apparently the exchange in "East London was vandalised"...

    I managed to get that little snippet of info... As well as one customer services rep hanging up on me when I asked how I can remotely retrieve voicemail, and another rep telling me to call 07802090100 to retrieve it (it turned out to be the number to retrieve voicemail when abroad... And they text you number which is handy when you cant receive texts...), being told its not o2's fault, but they didnt know what the fault was or when its likely to be fixed.. and they wont be considering compensation... and that redirecting to another number will take 24hrs...

    Yes I spoke to a few different reps this morning...

    Data seems OK tho...

    Thats in North London btw...

    Data isnt an area in North London btw...

    I'm in North London and Data seems to be working...

  16. Andrew 66

    O2 vs Vodafone

    I think the comparative reaction between this, and when a similar thing happened to Vodafone, shows just how bad O2 was in the first place.

    By this point with the vodafone issue, there were at least 500 comments, most of which were complaints.

    By this point with the O2 issue, there are maybe 25 comments, a lot of which are "makes no difference anyway"

    So who had the better network to start with, I wonder?

    1. irish donkey

      Vodafone don't pay UK tax

      Vodafone don't pay tax in this country.

      yet another reason not to give them any money.

      1. Andrew 66


        Frankly if they are intelligent enough to pay the lowest tax they can, they're only doing better in my book.

        Some of us are businesspeople. Why pay more tax than you have to?

  17. Anonymous Coward


    This was up for only 5 minutes:

    This was caused by theft and vandalism at one of our operations sites in E London.

    Has since been removed and a misleading link ( to the blog was posted but not too hard to find but here are the details.

  18. deadlift

    People's Republic of Tooting

    Well I've had f*ck-all 3G signal since January ever since someone drove into the mast near my flat. Mast has been replaced, but still no 3G at home. And this morning, no data connection at all.

  19. F'tangF'tang

    o2 WTF

    Just disabled 3G and the iPhone has a signal and is working... !!!!

    Why didnt I try that earlier... ?????

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