back to article Getting data in and out of a cloud service

Two problems with getting data in and out of a cloud service: the technology, meaning bandwidth and networking protocols, and contractual obligations. There are limits to what can be done to download terabytes of data faster, but the right tools can certainly make things simpler. And as usual when taking on contracts, cloud …


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  1. s. pam Silver badge

    Welcome to Data Archiving 2.0

    So when the first vendors started their products due to regulatory controls/pressure/mandates their major appliances that data was moved onto was WORM or WORM-like. The customers have continued over the past 7-10 years to just add more, of the same vendor's kit, and now have PB's of data/email/IM's & more than likely files archived.

    That's great if you're the archiving SW vendor or the HW disk storage vendor but what happens when your CIO falls out of love with the HW vendor? Yup that's right, it's Nightmare on Migration Street. The saving grace is that storage area networks have incredibly high bandwidth.

    Pssst here's a little secret - the Cluds ain't got it, they're limited to POTS/Fibre/Common Carriers. So where you have pretty damn decent in-house bandwidth to migrate, the Clud doesn't have it, so you're as sticky as a customer as those on WORM or WORM-like HW.

    Migration is more painful that a Root Canal done rectally, and is more of an inexact science to boot. Welcome to Computings New Nightmare on Storage Street!

  2. Charles Smith
    Jobs Horns

    Migrate your email to the cloud...

    The ideal time to migrate email such as Exchange to the Cloud is just before you accept a new job with another organisation. Your successor will live in interesting times when the cloud provision fails and the CEO can't access his email.

    1. Pat 4


      That hit pretty close to home!

      It's EXACTLY what happened to me!

      And last week, with BPOS failures my life completely SUCKED!

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