back to article Rambus litigation imperilled by document shredding

A US Appeal court has found that Rambus had shredded documents pertinent to two lawsuits it had won, and has asked lower courts to re-examine the cases, threatening Rambus licence revenues. A Reuters report on Friday revealed that Rambus, a serial and largely successful litigator in defence of its memory chip intellectual …


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  1. Trevor 7

    Seriously imperiled

    Everything I have heard is that in USA civil courts, destruction of evidence means that jury can assume that it was incriminating.

    Anyone want to take wagers on number of former cases that will now be checking to see if those documents could have been related to their cases that they lost.

  2. Anonymous Coward

    Not sure I follow this point

    They won the cases.

    Why would they not shred the documents?

    1. kain preacher

      one word

      Appeals . You dont get rid of evidences till there is no more appeals left or the other side quits .

  3. Pirate Dave Silver badge

    Ha ha

    after years of Rambutt fucking everyone else, it's nice to see they might have finally fucked themselves.

  4. mhenriday

    Nine tonnes of documents ? Whatever happened to

    the paperless office ?...


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