back to article HP unveils stylin' new desktop line

HP has spiffed up its three-PC desktop line just one week after rolling out new consumer and business notebooks and netbooks. Each of the new offerings – the entry-level Slimline s5, middle-of-the-road Pavilion p7, and workstation wannabe Pavilion HPE h8 – have been given makeovers that were designed, as HP says, to "match the …


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  1. Khaptain Silver badge


    The first thing that HP need to do is to get rid of the "Pavillion" name.

    Synonym : Pavillion = Extemely Fugly.

    They have always been damned nasty looking beasts, HP must have cut costs a long time ago in the design department. Even these new machines look like they were designed by the same team that did those "Glassy" looking Icons that were all the rage for about 3 days.

  2. Anton Ivanov
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    Here went the refurbishment value

    HP is currently the "lease favourite" in the various "interesting" schemes which claim to provide value by "outsourcing core (in)competence". The reason for that is that it has strong residuals. You can still resell them for some non-zero money after the 3 year lease runs out. They may look ugly, they may look dated, but they take some beating and still look reasonable.

    That idea just went out of the window.- this is some serious "scratch magnet". There is just no way a PC with this design will still look marketable after 3 years in an office on a lease by an outsourcing shop. Same for their latest laptops. MacBook Pro styling may look tough, may be tough, but you can see even the smallest scratch straight away.

    I can see the usual suspects dumping them and going Lenovo or Dell in 3 months, tops.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      not meant for the office

      the PC's featured in this article are not likely to be found on leases -- these are sold to consumers for use in their homes. The "business" products do not have the shiny surfaces you find here

  3. LaeMing

    Light can't be switched off - for some definitions of can't

    I imagine unplugging where it feeds into the PSU or Mainboard will do the trick. Otherwise some snips. And a soldering iron and a switch if you are really fancy.

    Kids today, sheesh!

    1. Roger Greenwood
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      Or . .

      . . you could carefully apply a precision engineered strip of light obscuring band to the offending illumination * (e.g. duct tape**). Simples.

      * patent applied for

      ** other tapes exist

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    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "They just slapped a new front on a standard metal box."

      those bastards.

  5. Robert E A Harvey

    Webos waiting

    What on earth is taking HP so long?

    They had an W7 tablet ready last year - they could have smudged Webos onto that, pumped it out cheap before christmas & called it a "Technology demonstrator". But here we are nearly a year after the purchase with nowt to show for it. Nowt.

    I'll not wait forever, HP. Get on with it!

  6. Elmer Phud

    Must read carefully

    I scanned the first line and read it all wrong - but I also get the feeling I was supposed to.

    "HP has spiffed up its three-PC desktop line just one week after rolling "

    I know what I read there, who else will inadvertantly insert an 'L' somewhere.

    As for vertically mounted disc drives -- have they ever tried using one with a min-Cd in one? Last week I had to tip a machine over at an angle just to get the bloody disc to stay in. I can sort of see thier point though, weeks can go by without me needing to use an optical drive.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    As an added boon to the recovery of stolen computers

    these suckers make damn fine fingerprint traps

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  9. The BigYin


    This is the 1980s, we'd like our HiFi designs back.

  10. jasonp80

    Dust/Scratch/Fingerprint Trap

    Well this is going to look crap in no time, with scratches really standing out and fingerprints galore as well as dust taking away the sheen.

    Much like my shiney black car looks great when clean but the other 99.9% just looks grotty.

  11. Yobgod Ababua

    Cannot??? Perhaps you lack the will...

    "the light can't be turned off."

    Apply favourite diagonal cutters to the ground lead emanating from the light bar. Problem solved!

  12. Anonymous Coward
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    I don't like HP kit. I got a pavilion laptop via insurance recently, only choice I had.

    It's a hunk of crap with so many irritating design flaws, the worst of which, is an extra row of pointless media keys down the left side of the keyboard. If your a touch typist like me, it completely screws your typing.

    As far as I'm concerned, if you've got a desktop, shove it out of sight = more desk space. Who gives a monkeys *what* it looks like, so long as it does the job.

    Then you get the lovely 'windows tax' on some configurations and get a box shipped to you containing an alarming amount of crapware, which requires a format and re-install.

    Don't even mention the crappy drivers and website.

    HP = meh = look elsewhere.

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