back to article Microsoft ID expert confirms departure from Redmond

Kim Cameron has broken his silence and confirmed that he has indeed quit his identity architect job at Microsoft. In an interview posted on the ID conferences website, Cameron said he was worried about what he described as "forward-facing issues" at the software company. He went on to explain that Redmond's core plans on …


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  1. JimC

    Microsoft/good record

    ...privacy and security," perhaps he should have said. "Microsoft's poor record over the last number of years has come to look good in the light of what some of their competitors have been up to"

  2. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Rats and the Iceberg heading straight for Redmond

    With all these high level departures the BOD of MS should be getting worried.

    'Iceberg? What Iceberg?' Said Capt'n Balmer as the good ship MS EmbraceExtend & Extinguish sailed at full speed into the Fog Bank just 10 miles from the Greenland Coast.

    'This one Captain' said the 1st Officer pointing at the Radar Screen.

    'That's just the fog' exclaimed Balmer not wanting to slow down as there was another company waiting for him to obliterate at the end of the voyage.

    'Captain! We are less than 5 miles from an Iceberg the size of Victoria Island'

    'Rubbish. More speed'

    Crash. Bang.

    'Captain. I beg to report we have hit an iceberg'

    'Never mind. My pal BillyG made the good ship MS EEE unsinkable'

    4 hours later.

    'Captain. It is time to abandon ship'

    'What? My screen is saying that everything is fine. It hasn't changed for hours'

    Captain/ That is the BSOD. The Ship's systems have crashed'

    'Ah wait till next patch Tuesday that will fix it'

    'Too late Captain. The ship is sinking'

    1st officer ducks to avoid a flying chair. Then he heads for the exit. The last thing he heard from Captain Balmer was him saying, 'These Windows are all steamed up'...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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